This Is Our Journey: The Antonia Burrell Creation Story

Antonia Burrell


Antonia Burrell skincare began when one of my long-standing facial clients came in to one of my clinics with her sister. This woman felt irritated and ugly. She felt ugly because she had serious skin problems. She didn’t look in the mirror anymore, she wasn’t intimate with her husband because she didn’t feel attractive and all that made her feel angry. That anger, irritation and stress naturally produces cortisol, which increases your sweat production and can create more skin issues. She was in a vicious cycle. She had been to a few facialists and dermatologists yet nobody had given her the solution she was after. She was angry and sceptical.

As I got to know her, I felt a deep sense of wanting to really help her and whilst running my clinics, I was also teaching the chemistry of botany and I had a great understanding of the science behind plants. So I went to work in my kitchen exploring a plant-based solution that could effectively bring down her skin inflammation and redness. I knew plants had the power but I knew I needed to source pure products for it to really work, because I didn’t want to lose her trust. I therefore went on a journey sourcing lots of fantastic organic farmers that I knew were producing plant-based ingredients at great quality without adulterations.

She started using my new creation and very quickly the inflammations and redness had reduced, her skin was notably smoother and she was an altogether happier woman. Through her years she had never used something so effective, she demanded more of my creation and eventually began to start paying for me to continue producing it. This was the light-bulb moment; I knew I could and would deliver the scientific synergy of natural plant power to solve more client’s beauty and skincare issues.  That was the start of my brand.

Since then I’ve always been on a mission to help because I saw how she changed. Her skin is now managed, she feels good, and she’s vibrant. I thought let’s change the game with skincare. We can do this. Nature has it all, it’s a complex synergy but once you get it right the results are there to be seen.

Accredited aesthetic practitioner, associate lecturer at the prestigious London College of Fashion and teacher in master skincare. These were and are still wonderful job titles that I call my own, but Antonia Burrell Skincare is more than a passion project. The proven and scientific powers of the plant, pioneering quality and ethically producing and sustainably conducting business is my ethos and philosophy that I live and breathe daily.  This is always at the forefront of my mind: for my brand to naturally achieve proven, transformative and effective skincare results and thus inspire confidence and happiness through my life-changing products.

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