Three Easy Ways to Get Super Maxed Glow for Honey Skin

Honey skin is the skincare trend for those seeking essentially the next level glow ‘from within’ with healthy skin that shines with rich vitality, and smooth unctuous tone no matter your ethnicity. So let’s first take a look at overcoming the first hurdle of pigmentation and uneven skin tone which can come from a variety of causes. For example, those with acne scars or post-inflammatoryRead Now

Skincare for Men: Incorporating a routine that works for you:

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Grooming doesn’t have to be complicated. This is the ultimate simple and effective men’s skincare routine for achieving confident, clear and clarified skin, that defies age and leaves you looking and feeling your best. 1. Cleanse: Preparation is key. This once a day skincare measure to remove excess oils and accumulated dirt, will ensure that your skin is left a clean canvas for the nextRead Now

Men’s Skincare: Why You Need to Step-Up Your Male Grooming Ritual

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Men’s skincare is one of the biggest beauty trends of the 21st century, and with good reason. The modern man is equally passionate about achieving complexion, and a well-groomed appearance starts with clear, hydrated and radiant glowing skin. Men, just like women, deal with skin issues like ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity, and acne. Choosing the right method of skin care can depend on factors like skinRead Now

Pigmentation and Hyperpigmentation: What’s the Difference and How Can I Get Rid of These Pesky Patches?

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Hyperpigmentation refers to the darkening of the skin, where as hypopigmentation refers to the lightening of the skin and pigmentation is a loss of colour due to skin damage caused by skin infections, burs, blisters and acne In the deepest layers of the epidermis our cells produce melanin, a pigment which gives our skin its own unique colour. Melanin protects our skin from the sun,Read Now

Slough Off the Old and Bring in the Smooth

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As minds, wardrobes and weather turn a new leaf and welcome autumn, don’t leave skin out in the cold.  Every new season comes with new environmental challenges, which is why we need to give skin a seasonal skin fix – think of it as its new season wardrobe. Here I share a few of my personal tips to help trans-seasonal skin needs. * MOISTURISE WHILE YOURead Now

7 Top Skincare Tips For Complexion Perfection

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Keep it Simple! Keep your skincare routine simple. Don’t overload on products. And when you do add a new product, do it gradually so your skin has time to adjust. Each skincare or makeup product has an average of 20 to 40 ingredients so you are introducing 20 to 40 potential allergens to your face every time you try something new. Don’t overcomplicate things asRead Now

There is a Secret to Skin Perfection… the Key is Exfoliation.

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The correct type of exfoliation can lead to visibly brighter and healthier-younger looking skin. The incorrect type of exfoliation can damage, irritate and lead to sensitivity. Read on for my tips and hit “like” & “share” if you enjoyed what you read. The process of exfoliation is all about removing dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. By removing these dead cells, exfoliationRead Now