Sleep Debt

Sleep debt; fear not – you may not owe money but you may owe your body sleep. Think of sleep as a currency. Sleep debt is a term used if you accumulate lack of sleep below that needed seven to nine hours each night. Sleep restores the body by cleansing the brain of toxins with cerebrospinal fluid so lack of sleep can leave you feelingRead Now

Men’s Skincare: Why You Need to Step-Up Your Male Grooming Ritual

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Men’s skincare is one of the biggest beauty trends of the 21st century, and with good reason. The modern man is equally passionate about achieving complexion, and a well-groomed appearance starts with clear, hydrated and radiant glowing skin. Men, just like women, deal with skin issues like ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity, and acne. Choosing the right method of skin care can depend on factors like skinRead Now

The 4 Common Culprits Causing Those Dark Circles

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Did you know that those pesky dark circles around your eyes are most likely caused by genetics?  Fear not. Read on to discover the 4 common culprits behind dark circles AKA ‘eye bags.’ The causes of dark circles Women with darker skin tones, in particular, are more prone to hyperpigmentation around the eyes due to an increased production of melanin, where as people with whiteRead Now

What’s Causing Those Pesky Puffy Eyes? 5 Steps to Eye Deflation

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There’s many causes of puffy eyes – allergies, fluid retention, stress, hormone changes, dehydration, trauma, infection tiredness, hayfever; the list is extensive, especially when you consider all of the potential allergens in non-organic skincare creams and lotions packed with chemicals that just aren’t meant for, or kind to our skin… The swelling of the eye, sometimes called periorbital puffiness, describes the presence of excess edemaRead Now

Amazing Reasons to Get Your Beauty Sleep

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As a facial expert for over twenty years, I’m often asked to share my secret weapons in the quest for beautiful, glowing and happy skin. One ritual I absolutely swear by is sleep, sleep, SLEEP! They definitely don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason! When you’re tired and deprived of sleep, your body makes more of the stress hormone Cortisol. Raised stress hormones are badRead Now