Move for memory!

“Think quick on your feet.” We’ve all heard that before but have you truly ever noticed after working out that your mind feels sharper, more agile and just more ready to MOVE faster?! If you are experiencing a lack of stimulation during lock-down and you need to boost that memory? Then get moving with short, high-intensity workouts of around 15 minutes, which may be mostRead Now

Seasonal Skincare: 3 Ways to Transition your Skincare from Summer into Autumn

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There’s a reason why I launched a facial specifically for the transition period between seasons: skincare products and professional skin treatments or facials, need to be rotated seasonally in order to provide the required level of hydration, nourishment and protection our skin requires against the changing elements. Skin actually becomes more dehydrated and prone to redness and sensitivity during the colder winter months, so richerRead Now

Antonia Burrell Salon Treatments…

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Antonia Burrell Facials…The finest chemical-free facials Antonia’s approach as a leading skin expert is holistic and she explores internal well -being as well as external beauty and believes that skincare is a journey. Advice is practical, detailed and specific and if you follow Antonia’s advice, then you are on your journey to flawless, younger looking, trouble-free skin. Each facial treatment is bespoke and expertly tailoredRead Now