Prebiotic Power

The microbiome is a collection of microorganisms or a mix of bacteria and fungi species found living on the skin’s surface, which works to keep the skin healthy and protected against inflammation and infection.

Your microbiome is even responsible for stopping the clock when it comes to your complexion, producing short chain fatty acids that reduce inflammation, protect skin’s DNA & preserve skin’s ability to heal and regenerate. In short, a younger looking complexion and healthy skin.

Microbiome needs positive nutrition too. Prebiotics essentially giving the ‘good’ bacteria (i.e. the probiotics) on our skin the ‘fuel’ it needs to thrive, which can be depleted by factors such as pollution, excess hygiene, extreme temperature changes and modern environmental stressors such as blue-light from digital devices and creates a healthier environment, enhancing its ability to protect skin against these aggressors.

We are about to revolutionise skincare with all new Crème Supreme Rich  deeply infused with Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, a natural and strong prebiotic which helps provides balanced skin nutrition to probiotics. Because the first steps to beautiful skin are set within the foundation, and preserves skin balance with its complete prebiotic effect – both direct and indirect.

  • Soothes the skin by preventing the inflammation triggered by
  • microbiome imbalances
  • Keep the surface of skin—its first line of defense, for balanced, younger-looking, and strong
  • Offset factors that lead to redness, dryness, and a weakened surface.
  • Ward off signs of aging skin
  • Restore a healthy microbiome balance
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates from sun radiation and pollution

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