Create an At-Home Spa Experience with Essential Oils

With more people seeking DIY spa solutions at home, what better way to deliver a sensorial and luxurious sanctuary experience then in the comfort of your own bathroom. Try this beautifully easy gem of wisdom from Antonia Burrell, with her 30 plus years wealth of unparalleled aromatherapy knowledge.  “My favourite trick is to drop about five drops of therapeutic grade essential oil on the shower floor, in the corners where the water flow is minimal,” Antonia says. “They will vaporise slowly from the warm, moist environment rather than getting washed down the drain right away.” Just be mindful with your footing, and ensure careful placement of the oils, whilst the steam should lift the volatile oils and hold them in the air as you rinse. The shower acts as a DIY diffuser, with the steam lifting the oil, surrounding you in the invigorating aroma as you rinse and repeat.

Lavender is great for promoting sleep and managing stress, peppermint can help increase alertness and eucalyptus; along with its refreshing, spa-like aroma and its anti-inflammatory and antifungal benefits.

Harnessing almost 30 years of natural skin expertise and previously an Associate Lecturer in The Chemistry of Aromatherapy at the University of the Arts London, AND BREATHE Air Cleansing Room Spray is the brainchild of Antonia, first blended and used in clinic, to relax clients, cleanse and refresh her treatment space to help shield from air pollution and air-borne nasties and toxins.

With the therapeutic powers of aromatherapy used to create the AND BREATHE Air Cleansing Room Spray, this is designed to help cleanse the air and uplift your spirit whether at home, work or ‘on-the-go’. Essential oils are fashioned from the scents of nature — everything from pine trees to sandalwood to lavender. The concentrated, scented liquids are obtained from the distillation of these aromatic, antifungal, antibacterial plants and creating a potent blend can be wholly holistic and beneficial for mood, body and mind.

AND BREATHE Air Cleansing Room Spray is plant based, vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly and infuses therapeutic plant oils and extracts including Dalmatian Sage, Wild Ravensara Leaf and Frankincense releasing a beautiful long lasting aroma to help relax, restore balance and inspire happiness. Shop here