Harnessing The Power of Plants: Organic Skincare


Plant power is an incredible and naturally occurring science, providing innumerable nutritious benefits, medicinal cures and practical uses. It never ceases to amaze me how many plants, seeds and flowers there are at hand  – and with countless health uses. In fact, I like to refer to plant power as ‘mother earth’s assets.’

With Antonia Burrell skincare, I have made it my absolute mission to understand the full potential and capabilities of natural skincare, and the delicate balance of utalising the positive effects on the physiology of beauty. Drawing over twenty years in knowledge as an global leading skincare expert, I combined proven technique, organically effective ingredients and the science of biotechnology to deliver the most superior results and skin-perfecting products effective for all skin types.

Plant extracts and ingredients are cultivated ethically – obtained and sourced from biological cultivation or wild-harvested whenever possible to provide the finest base for my laboratory to create my clinically proven formulas. Here, I explore and explain just a fraction of some of the incredible benefits of plant power, found within my transformative and intelligent multi-action skincare.

1. Sea Buckthorn found within my miracle Radiant Light Facial Oil Serum accelerates the skin’s regeneration process, conditions and promotes healing of damaged skin, sun damage and scar tissue. This high nutritional extract is one of the richest naturals sources of topical vitamin A, E and Omega 3, 6 & 7 and beta carotenes.

2. Including within the formula of my luxurious Luminous Light Polishing Powder is Tea Tree Leaf. This much fabled ingredient purifies the skin and pores, reduces inflammation whilst helping to combat blemishes and skin imperfections.

3. The innovative and unique serum textured beauty water of the Forest Dew Plump + Hydrate Beauty Water  contains cooling cucumber extract. Rich in vitamin C, cucumber is marvellous for protection against impurities.

With Earth Day on April 22nd, I take my ethical and sustainable holistic approach to all facets of my luxury skincare brand where possible using also including beautifully packaged sustainable and biodegradable bags sell-out Facial In A Box. This is a way of life – I live, breathe and indeed reap the benefits of plant power. With Antonia Burrell luxury natural skincare, your nourished, healthier and most importantly – happier skin will do too.


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