Veganuary… Plant Based Diet and It’s Benefits

Veganuary… maybe going vegan for a whole month is too much of a commitement but what using the first month of the year to adopting more plant-based meals into your diet. Not only are the benefits numerous for the body, particulary after a seasonal indulgence, but also counts incredible results for the skin too. Whilst the vegan focus is usually to avoid animal products, “plant-based”Read Now

Three Easy Ways to Get Super Maxed Glow for Honey Skin

Honey skin is the skincare trend for those seeking essentially the next level glow ‘from within’ with healthy skin that shines with rich vitality, and smooth unctuous tone no matter your ethnicity. So let’s first take a look at overcoming the first hurdle of pigmentation and uneven skin tone which can come from a variety of causes. For example, those with acne scars or post-inflammatoryRead Now

Environmental Ageing: What Is It and How Do I Help Prevent it?

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Environmental ageing is caused by daily exposure to UV rays, toxins and other pollutants which damage our skin by inhibiting collagen production and causing wrinkles, age and sun spots. Sun exposure is still considered the most damaging environmental factor which results in ageing of the skin due to speeding up collagen breakdown in the skin and causing the body to produce abnormal elastin. High-energy visibleRead Now

Scarring on Skin

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A scar, quite simply, is a mark on the skin where a wound has healed. It’s highly probable that the majority of people have at least one scar (unless you’ve been swaddled in bubble wrap your whole life). A scar is made up of tissue bound together by healing hero, collagen. They are permanent, but they can fade significantly over 2 years, sometimes until theyRead Now