Complexion Perfection: Getting Your Very Own Royal Bridal Glow



The season of the bride has arrived and it’s time to get royalty worth skin. This week, take a look at the best skin-care preparations for what is often considered to be the most important day of the bride (and indeed a groom’s) life.

Of course, all eyes will be on you, and one less stress to worry about is how your skin will be performing on the big day.  Take a look at the top five wedding skincare and beauty tips, to leave you and your skin flawlessly confident, gorgeous and positively glowing ready for big day. Say hello to amazing bridal skin.

1.Curb that sweet tooth:

Reducing sugar intake, and stocking up on nutrient rich and hydrating super-foods such as grapefruit, pomegranate and spinach will not only boost your mood and lift energy but will translate to vibrant and clear wedding-worthy skin.

2.Don’t underestimate your beauty sleep:

Beauty sleep is called beauty sleep for a reason. Did you that between 10pn and  2am skin is in regeneration, restoration and repair process, which is crucial to the skin’s development of new collagen, improvement of skin tone and decrease of inflammatory break-outs which can lead to acne. So be receptive to the snooze button every now and then.

3.Polish & preen:

Cameras, lights and most definitely action! With high definition cameras picking up every lump and bump on the skin’s surface, exfoliation is key to minimise the appearance of the size of pores and reduce textural layers of dead skin and hard sebum. The wonders of the PH balancing Luminous Light Polishing Powder reveals luminous skin whilst correcting problematic skin concerns.

4.Invest in an aesthetician or super facialist:

For certain aspects to deliver a seamless event such as a wedding, it just calls for professional intervention. Skincare is no different for expert help and advice – it just needs plenty of preparation at least 3 months before the big day. An experienced aesthetician will guide and treat you through the build-up to the big day, to ensure the best results for beautiful skin results. Book a moisture-infused, bespoke facial with master skincare expert Antonia Burrell for a holistic and targeted approach, which will leave your skin corrected and tension reduced.

5.Quench the thirst:

No matter your skin type, hydration will be crucial to ensure fullness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and give vitality to the face. This is one of the happiest days of your life, and you want every facet of your skin to radiate health and shout contentment and confidence. Aid skin’s nourishment by not only drinking at least eight litres of water, but also with a deeply hydrating mask. The proven benefits of the Forest Dew Plump + Hydrate Beauty Water delivers hydration 8 times longer and deeper than hyaluronic acid and is perfect to deliver multi-tasking performance in the lead up to the big day.


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