Veganuary… Plant Based Diet and It’s Benefits

Veganuary… maybe going vegan for a whole month is too much of a commitement but what using the first month of the year to adopting more plant-based meals into your diet. Not only are the benefits numerous for the body, particulary after a seasonal indulgence, but also counts incredible results for the skin too. Whilst the vegan focus is usually to avoid animal products, “plant-based”Read Now

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that occurs naturally in your body, responsible for attracting and retaining moisture, improving cell-to-cell interaction and promoting collagen synthesis. This glorious nutrient, which can prevent wrinkles and improve your skin’s texture has the ability to draw and hold water to the surface of the skin and can help to keep skin moisturised throughout the day. It’s no secret that whatRead Now

Flawless Skin: The Ultimate Beauty-Boosting Juice Recipe

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As a holistic skincare brand, we know that glowing healthy skin starts from within. What we put into our bodies is reflected on our skin, and in our general health. Drinking plenty of water is one of the most vital daily happy skin rituals – dehydration leaves our skin dry, tight and less resilient with more prominent wrinkles and fine lines. If you’ve ever lookedRead Now

Learn how to ‘Eat Pretty’ with Jolene Hart!

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Learn how to ‘Eat Pretty’ with Jolene Hart! As you may well know, I’m a huge advocate of eating for beauty inside out, which is exactly why I was thrilled to discover ‘Eat Pretty’… aka any health conscious beauty addict’s bible! Author Jolene Hart is in fact a former beauty editor for a well known lifestyle magazine, who struggled to clear her skin, despite openRead Now