Bio-Retinol…. The Next Generation in Skincare

Beloved by many skincare experts, it is no secret that retinol is one of skincare’s most loved and most talked about ingredients. From the vitamin A family, it can help to tackle signs of ageing, correct pigmentation and can be used to fight breakouts… which has seen it garner rave reviews from beauty editors, skincare experts and consumers. With a multitude of multi-tasking skin benefits, it is no surprise that retinol has such a cult following in the beauty and skincare world.

But it can come at a cost, with its sheer power often can overwhelm sensitive or delicate skin. Retinol works fast, efficiently and deep – fabulous for skin types that can handle it, but it can come with some side effects including redness, flakey skin and irritation. So what do you do if you want the anti-aging benefits of retinol, but without all of the negative side effects delivered in a more gentle manner. 

Enter plant-derivied bio-retinol, that works on the skin in the same efficient way as retinol helping to deliver the same skin related benefits such as anti-ageing but with less harmful side effects. 

Renowned skin expert and award-winning aesthetician Antonia Burrell has recognised this powerful retinol alternative, and has harnessed this in the latest addtion to her life changing skincare collection: Crème Supreme Rich. This intense skin perfector contains a powerful plant-based alternative to retinol (Vitamin A) with Spanish needle + Cotton Seed. Clinically proven Vitamin A is important in helping to slow the ageing process, strengthening the skin’s protective function and protecting collagen against degradation.

Spanish needle + Cotton Seed which is a safe, stable, plant-based alternative to retinoids for the treatment of aging skin. Delivering the same wealth of the powerful effects, all without the skin stress of traditional chemical retinols.

  • Proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 28% after 28 days.
  • Improves skin firmness by up to 25% after 28 days
  • Smoothes skin texture by up to 35% after 42 days.
  • Provides retinol-like behavior by binding to the RXR receptor and reducing by 20% the RAR expression while increasing the RXR expression by 119% resulting in effective anti-aging and anti-photoaging action
  • Regulates cell proliferation and differentiation as well as stimulates the production of extracellular matrix by ensuring greater skin firmness and wrinkles filling
  • Provides a soothing effect because it regulates key inflammatory mediators responsible for the adverse effects of retinoids
  • Increases by 25% the smoothness of the dermis in the face after 42 days
  • Reduces in 67% the hyperpigmentation  in the face after 56 days
  • Reduces the roughness of the facial skin in 36% after 42 days
  • Reduces in 28% the deep wrinkles of the facial skin after 42 days
  • Reaches the deeper layers of the skin in 4 hours

But don’t just take our word for the wonder of plant-based retinoids, discover the moisturiser perfect as an overnight solution and shop here.