Veganuary… Plant Based Diet and It’s Benefits

Veganuary… maybe going vegan for a whole month is too much of a commitement but what using the first month of the year to adopting more plant-based meals into your diet. Not only are the benefits numerous for the body, particulary after a seasonal indulgence, but also counts incredible results for the skin too. Whilst the vegan focus is usually to avoid animal products, “plant-based”Read Now

The Best Defence for the Sun: Protect and Repair

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Finally summer skincare has arrived! It is well known about the dangers of UVA+B exposure and how vital skin protection is. However it’s easy to overlook the essential aspect of repairing and healing the skin against not only sun damage, but also daily environmental pollutants and exposure. This week, let’s take a look at top tips for healthy repair for all skin types and tones.Read Now

Antioxidants: Why You Need Them On Your Face

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Antioxidants need to be infused into our daily skincare rituals and diets. Why? Antioxidants are powerful substances that have a harmonizing effect on our skin and overall wellness via a process that happens naturally in the body. Oxidation, a chemical reaction which takes place in our bodies daily, can be heightened by many factors including stress, pollution, UV rays, smoking, and alcohol. These agitations takeRead Now

Environmental Ageing: What Is It and How Do I Help Prevent it?

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Environmental ageing is caused by daily exposure to UV rays, toxins and other pollutants which damage our skin by inhibiting collagen production and causing wrinkles, age and sun spots. Sun exposure is still considered the most damaging environmental factor which results in ageing of the skin due to speeding up collagen breakdown in the skin and causing the body to produce abnormal elastin. High-energy visibleRead Now