The Power Behind Essential Oils in Skincare

Aromatherapy and skincare are perfect partners. Harnessing the life forces of plants and combing this with the knowledge of the true physiology of beauty, is a skill and craft honed over 25 years by expert facialist Antonia Burrell. As an associate lecture in the Chemistry of Aromatherapy, alongside her team of experts, Antonia has taken the dedicated science of biotechnology and married this with the most effective of plant’s chemical components to deliver supreme skin-perfecting and therapeutic results. This is a true holistic approach to skincare.

Essential oils are incredible organic compounds – possessing untold, life-changing properties that work with the skin to help it to repair and regenerate. Using only the best quality therapeutic grade oils, Antonia Burrell skincare is infused with living bio-actives of plant physiology.

1. Skin benefits:

The skin benefits of essential oils are too numerous and wondrous to name. This includes helping to enhance skin’s barrier repair functions, helping improve skin cells ability to regenerate, fight free radicals, stimulate blood circulation deep within the epidermis and stilt damaging microbes. Micro-droplets act locally and systematically to help to tighten, soften and tone skin tissue, helping bringing greater strength and elasticity, anti-inflammatory which greatly improves the skin’s overall health, appearance and wellness. The galbanum within the ultra potent and intelligent formula of Radiant Light Facial Oil Serum is helps treat hyper pigmentation, scars and marks left by acne and pimples on the skin and restores even skin tone. It speeds up growth of new tissues and cells in the affected area and gives a brand new, flawless, younger-looking skin. Due to the power of essential oils, Antonia recommends using only a small amount (3-4 drops). She in fact uses therapeutic grade eucalyptus oil in with her washing powder whilst doing her laundry as it has wonderful anti-microbal, anti-bacterial and de-cleansing properties whilst adding only the faintest of scents.

2. From the inside out:

Skin cells are particularly receptive to the molecules of essential oils, as they are small enough to delve deep within the semi-permeable layers of the skin. This is then carried around the body and can help to balance and repair, can aid eliminate toxins and may calm or stimulate particular functions of the body. Drinking peppermint, lemon-grass or rose-bud tea are fantastic ways of using natural plant physiology to aid healing from within. Consuming camomile tea  before retiring to bed has been shown to support sleep quality whilst enhancing wellbeing and skin.

The Natural Glow Cleansing Oil, with bitter orange extract, leaves glowing, fresher looking, super soft skin full of vitality, whilst helping to maintain and strengthen your protective skin barrier, whist respecting your skin microbiome.

3. Ease the mind:

The aroma of essential oils are famed for their enhanced benefits on the nervous system, improving mood, promoting an improved sense of well-being and restoring clarity of mind. Essential oils add to the optimum vibrational energy of the bodies’ mega-hertz – spiritually and emotional up-lifting, helping you to be a better you. The Frankincense oil within the cult hero-product of Mask Supreme 7 – in – 1 calms the mind, soothes frayed nerves and fights stress; a significant factor that ages the skin whilst protecting, rejuvenating and brightening the skin tone by encouraging the growth of fresh new cells. The inhalation of essential oils can be beneficial too with lavender and geranium having a positive effect on mood and emotions. A few drops of eucalyptus oil placed in a shower tray, and infused within steam to inhale is a fantastic relief for sinus pain whilst revive for the journey ahead by 3-4 drops of rosemary oils in the foot-well of the car.

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