Skincare for Men: Incorporating a routine that works for you:

Grooming doesn’t have to be complicated. This is the ultimate simple and effective men’s skincare routine for achieving confident, clear and clarified skin, that defies age and leaves you looking and feeling your best.

1. Cleanse: Preparation is key. This once a day skincare measure to remove excess oils and accumulated dirt, will ensure that your skin is left a clean canvas for the next steps of skincare. If one has extremely oily skin upon waking then cleanse first thing. Or if skin is parched, dry and tired then use only cool water to wash in the morning, and then cleanse before bed. Overnight, your skin will benefit from the additional moisture that the cleanser will bring. The water-soluble Natural Glow Cleansing Oil will delve deep to thoroughly dissolve and remove impurities, unclog pores and engulf dirt.

2. Exfoliate: Facial exfoliation once or twice a week (if skin is oily) aids natural skin cell renewal and will remove and slough off dead skin cells and debris, unclog pores and help to prevent unsightly ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. The revitalising and refreshing powers of the Luminous Light Polishing Powder is a perfect exfoliating solution for clarified and bright skin.

3. Treat: For combating and preventing wrinkles and aged skin, a serum packed with antioxidants offers an anti-ageing boost in your routine, helping to increase collagen production and reduce inflammation. The intelligently formulated Radiant Light Facial Oil Serum gives bright, rested and younger looking skin, helping to treat hyper pigmentation, scars and marks left by acne and pimples on the skin and restore even skin tone.

Retinoids or natural vitamin A are a fantastic treatment for acne. Used in varying strengths in skincare for cell proliferation and skin regeneration, the sea buckthorn in the Radiant Light Facial Oil Serum accelerates skin’s regeneration process, conditions and promotes the healing of damaged skin.

4. Moisturise:  When you cleanse, you must replenish and add to the natural moisture found within your skin, otherwise it will become irritated, dry and lacking in vitality. A product high in humectants such as squalene, cerimades or antixoxidants, the latter which can be found in the intelligent formulation of Cream Supreme Facial Moisturiser will nourish, hydrate and keep skin moist, lubricated and supple.

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