Adult Acne: Lets Talk About The Cycle of Skincare

Acne: congested pores from excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. It is not just confined to teenagers.  Hormones for both men AND women play a part in the skin’s natural cycle, and in particular for women, the hormonal fluctuation from the menstrual cycle which can lead to painful and unsightly adult acne, cysts and pimples.


When we indulge in high-glycemic foods, such as sugar, flour and rice, they are quickly broken down in the body triggering a sudden insulin spike, which raises our blood sugar levels. This in turn triggers hormonal fluctuations and inflammation, which can help contribute to hormonal acne breakouts. To help reduce hormonal acne, opt for low-glycemic foods such as sweet potatoes, vegetables, quinoa, reduced-fat yoghurt, peanuts and steel-cut oatmeal.

For troublesome skin sufferers, the highly-active Pure Therapy Facial Serum Oil is the ultimate anti-ageing acne solution – it’s so hydrating and spot-fighting too, and leaves skin feeling like it’s really been taken care of – plumper, smoother, hydrated and generally clearer-looking – all in just half an hour. Packed with 21 of the finest pure plant extracts, this highly effective treatment will calm, purify, heal and regulate the natural balance of either oily or very dry skin. Added larch extract also firms and stimulates collagen production.

Menstrual Cycle:

As your period approaches, oestrogen levels start to rise at the beginning of each menstrual cycle. The oestrogen binds to the cell receptors that usually respond to testosterone, ‘turning off’ oil production to help keep pores clear.

When the body’s oestrogen levels begin to decline after ovulation, there’s less available oestrogen to bind to the cell receptors in oil glands, so they become activated by testosterone instead. This results in the body producing excess oil until oestrogen levels begin to rise again with the following monthly cycle.

This excess oil can cause skin cells to become clogged with oil, dirt and debris in addition to an increased number of the acne-causing bacterium.

The patented Amazonian anti-acne bio-active in the Mask Supreme 7-In-1 is clinically proven to reduce comedone reduction by 72%, regulates and normalizes any excess sebum activity by 65% and has an antibacterial and deep cleansing action without drying or irritating the skin.


Stress leads to increased cortisol which is a hormone that can increase oiliness as well as inflammation in the skin. With non-stop, 24-7 instantly accessible and busy lives, improve overall skin health with the deep-action Cream Supreme Facial Moisturiser – an anti-acne formula packed with an intelligent blend of plant extracts that fit whatever your skin needs. As well as controlling acne and blemishes, this advanced 100% natural formulation also treats skin ageing, dull or uneven skin tones, imperfections and pigmentation problems. The result? Improved radiance, tone, elasticity and firmness.

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