Senescence: The Art of Ageing

Senescence is the gradual and unstoppable biological process of deterioration through aging at a cellular level.

Selecting the right natural skincare products with proven results helps maintain a more youthful complexion during senescence, and can even reverse some of the damage already evident in the form of wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots and fine lines.

My passion for inspiring happiness through skin confidence is at the very core of the Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare brand principles. I believe everyone should feel confident in their own skin, and I’m extremely happy to have created a capsule collection of intelligent products that expertly work together to fix a multitude of skin issues to achieve complexion perfection.

As we all go through the process of senescence, our bodies no longer absorb as many nutrients, which is why it’s vital to eat an increased amount of fruits and vegetables to ensure your body is getting enough of the right vitamins and nutrients to support and repair your skin.

As well as being mindful of the type of food we fuel our bodies with, exercise should become a regular lifestyle practice.

Exercise helps detoxify skin by sweating out toxins and other nasties that can otherwise be harmful to the skin and aid the ageing process. With the age of time you’ll naturally become less flexible and lose bone density. Exercise doesn’t only help to prevent this, but it will also release those happy-inducing endorphins in the brain.

As well as exercising our bodies, we must also be more mindful to exercise our minds. This is possible via continued education, reading, or keeping our minds busy and stimulated with everyday activities like word puzzles or gardening.

As science evolves, we’re learning more and more about the harmful effects of using harsh chemicals on our skin. These are common culprits of further accelerating the process of senescence, which is why intelligent natural skincare is so important to nourish and cocoon the skin as we journey through life.

Inner beauty

Nobody wants to look older (well, not since we were teenagers anyway…) It is natural that starting to look older via dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots could affect our self-confidence and self-esteem.

As a holistic health and skincare brand, we believe in inner beauty and inner happiness as much as we believe in nurturing and replenishing our outer beauty via nourished happy skin.

Look after your skin before and throughout the process of senescence, and your skin will look after you in the form of a more youthful radiant glow and dewy complexion.

3 proven ways to slow the signs of ageing

1  Exercise regularly – when we sweat, our pores open and excrete all of those yucky toxins that could otherwise block pores, resulting in breakouts and blemishes. To help thoroughly detoxify your skin, cleanse immediately before and after exercise to ensure any excess dirt and oil is removed so that the sweat doesn’t stick to it.

2  Invest in your skin – use high quality natural skincare products without the harsh chemicals that can damage, dehydrate, irritate and harm skin. Instead, invest in organic skincare packed with antioxidants to reverse and repair damage.

3  Upgrade your diet – Eat a diet rich in antioxidants for glowing skin from within, and drink plenty of water to hydrate and firm the skin.



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