Antioxidants: Why You Need Them On Your Face

Antioxidants need to be infused into our daily skincare rituals and diets. Why? Antioxidants are powerful substances that have a harmonizing effect on our skin and overall wellness via a process that happens naturally in the body.

Oxidation, a chemical reaction which takes place in our bodies daily, can be heightened by many factors including stress, pollution, UV rays, smoking, and alcohol. These agitations take the form of atoms in our body, known as free radicals and can wreak havoc on our cells if left uncontrolled.

Tame those free radicals

Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable, attacking our cells in their efforts to stabilize and causing the most destruction when reacting and damaging important cellular components such as DNA or cellular membrane.

Antioxidants are intelligent molecules with the ability to safely interact with these free radicals, AKA tame them, preventing (and sometimes even reversing) the damage.

Aside from playing a role in accelerating the aging process of our skin, these harmful free radicals have been linked to many diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Although our cells produce antioxidants that neutralize 99.9% of free radicals, this process begins to slow down as we age. As we get older it becomes exceedingly important that we boost our antioxidant intake. Luckily, antioxidants can be easily found in many plants and plant foods as a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Antioxidants and skincare

All Antonia Burrell skincare products are overflowing with antioxidants which protect the skin from pollution and harmful UV rays.

Our post-summer superhero Mask Supreme 7-in-1 contains a superabundance of free radical scavenging properties – proven to help reverse the cellular damage caused by the sun and pollutants by repairing, reducing cell death as a result of exposure to UV by 72% and prevent sunburn cells from forming by 98%. Nourish and repair your skin as we transition into autumn with our indulgent multi-tasking super mask.


Super-charge your health and skin luminosity

Some common antioxidants include vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and selenium. Here are some pointers;

  1. Vitamin C is found in generous amounts in many foods including citrus fruits and juices, in addition to deep green vegetables like spinach and kale, kiwi and strawberries
  2. Find vitamin E in abundance in nuts, seeds, vegetable and fish oils, whole grains, fortified cereals, and apricots
  3. Beta-carotene is present in liver, eggs, milk, butter, grains, tomato, some root vegetables and fruits like cantaloupe
  4. Selenium can be found in nuts and fish such as halibut

Discover more about how antioxidants act as a natural sunscreen here.

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