Men’s Skincare: Why You Need to Step-Up Your Male Grooming Ritual

Men’s skincare is one of the biggest beauty trends of the 21st century, and with good reason.

The modern man is equally passionate about achieving complexion, and a well-groomed appearance starts with clear, hydrated and radiant glowing skin.

Men, just like women, deal with skin issues like ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity, and acne. Choosing the right method of skin care can depend on factors like skin tone, lifestyle, and climate.

It should come as no surprise that testosterone plays a key role in how male skin operates. Testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which then activates what are called androgen receptors.

Androgens control hair growth, which ultimately results in large hair follicles and coarse hair taking up the majority of a man’s face.

Men’s skin is typically thicker and tougher in texture with larger hair follicles.  Increased testosterone levels trigger excess oil production, which contribute to more dirt, oil and debris blocking pores and causing hormonal breakouts. Discover more about how your diet can contribute to hormonal acne here.

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Facing the Facial Hair

Regular shaving can result in distressed skin, especially in those with already sensitive skin who frequently suffer from redness and razor-burn after shaving.

Applying a pre-shave product to soften facial hair before applying Forest Dew post-shave is vital in helping prevent tell-tale post-shave redness and razor bumps.

Why do you need Forest Dew in your daily (skincare) life? Our skin quencher is rich in magical elixirs which reduce 5 Alpha-Reductase (inflammation related to acne) by 66% with studies proving that this extract immediately hydrates and plumps the epidermis over a longer time period than hyaluronic acid.

Hydration increases up to 85% after 4 hours with anti-allergy action, which is soothing for sensitised and delicate skin prone to irritation, allergy and inflammation.

Eliminating shaving creams and aftershaves that include alcohol from your skincare regime is critical. It’s important to use natural plant-based products that intelligently maintain harmonious balance in the skin – alcohol strips the skin of essential oils which will not only further irritate your skin, but can dry it out, too. Another ingredient to avoid is menthol. While it may give a quick tingly, “ahh” feeling, it can have be as equally dehydrating and reactive to skin as alcohol.

Male grooming essentials

1. Wash your face three times a day – once in the morning and twice at night to get deeper into pores and remove all of the day’s impurities. Discover more about why I always recommend double cleansing at night here.

2. Many male celebrities, including Pharrell, have recently spoken out about the importance of regular exfoliation in order to achieve clear radiant skin. Polish your skin at least 3 times per week to get rid of dead skin, bacteria and dirt.

3. Having oily skin is not synonymous with moisturising. To decrease the production of oil, the body’s natural way of moisturizing, hydrate your skin yourself! Use a multi-tasking innovative moisturiser to complete your daily skin ritual such as our multi-action skin-fixing Cream Supreme Facial Moisturiser.

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