Why Moisturising MUST Play a Key Role in Your Daily Skincare Ritual

It’s so important to invest in your skin every single day. Not only by investing in quality proven intelligent products, but also by sticking to a diet rich in skinfood superheroes and maintaining a consistent daily skincare ritual.

The reason why Antonia Burrell products are such serious game changers is that they are plant perfecting therapy blended by a skincare expert with over 20 years’ experience in the skincare game. The skincare products I produce are natural, proven and life changing for ALL skin types and ALL skin tones.

One of the first questions I ask all of my lovely facial customers is ‘What are you moisturising with?’ Why? Because the products you put on your skin are so, so SO important when it comes to the pursuit of a flawless complexion.

One common skin myth is the assumption that problem skin prone to blemishes and acne should be ‘dried out.’ What’s worse is that many acne sufferers may be applying prescribed alcohol-based products to their skin to help control breakouts, but did you know that such products actually increase oil production? And so continues the vicious cycle…

ALL skin types and ALL skin tones need to be nourished daily. Investing in the right multi-tasking moisturiser will provide harmonious balance between hydration and oil production for very happy skin.

Here’s a few more reasons why moisturising MUST play a key role in your daily skincare routine:

1  When your skin barrier is compromised, your skin not only becomes noticeably dry, but a low-grade chronic inflammation can occur leading to a breakdown of collagen which accelerates the ageing process. Yikes! This is why dry skin can become red and itchy, whilst also highlighting wrinkles because they can appear deeper and more noticeable. No thank you!

2  Dehydrated skin is stripped of lipids, meaning your skin is stripped of its protective layer and more susceptible to irritants which can cause redness and flaking. FYI, that’s why I recommend using a rich moisturiser on your nose during the obligatory annual London cold to help reduce that tell-tale redness and sore skin around your nose…

3  Going sans moisturiser actually aggravates acne outbreaks.

4  Make up sticks to dry skin. Applying foundation onto dry skin will highlight wrinkles, and give your skin a creased, patchy and flaky appearance.

Don’t forget to double-cleanse at night to remove all of the make up, dirt, pollutants and pore-clogging bacteria that builds up throughout the day, before finishing with a high quality skin moisturiser.

An intelligent multi-tasking miracle moisturiser really is your best friend, no matter what skin tone or skin type you have. That’s why I’m so proud of my Cream Suprême Facial Moisturiser: a multi-action hardworking, skin fixing, anti ageing moisturiser that reduces pigmentation, normalizes sebum production, reduces redness and contains an organic certified Anti-Acne Complex, which has been clinically proven to reduce acne bacteria activity and redness, improve the health of oily skin AND provides balance between hydration and oil production. Buy yours here.

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