TEWL! What is it And How Does it Affect Your Skin? 

Your skin is porous, bit like a sponge, and in the same way it absorbs some ingredients in skincare products, it is prone to losing water that circulates to it from inside the body, especially as the surrounding environment dries out due to rising temperatures, air conditioning and drops in humidity. When this happens, it’s called transepidermal water loss, or TEWL and for me as a skin expert, it is a big deal too and potentially life changing for your skin and its health.

Most of the organs in your body get their nutrients from blood in order to perform healthy body functions. But without access to the same kind of blood flow, the skin and its many cell layers rely on getting nutrients from the body’s water content instead. You can see how important it is to hang on to that water.

Fortunately, preventing TEWL is as simple as using a natural moisturiser, like our proven, powerhouse, organic Cream Supreme, that also fights acne, pigmentation and redness, suitable for all skin types and all skin tones.

To create a breathable and non pore blocking barrier on the skin so water cannot evaporate look for ingredients such as jojoba seed oil found in our Cream Supreme.

To quench the skin with extra hydration use we have a magical ingredient found in our forest that is 8 time more effective and deeper hydrating than the classic and commonly hyaluronic acid.

This means that after 8 hours you skin is 85% more hydrated and if there is any TEWL taking place, the deep, water quenching hydration will help to provide moisture and counteract it by providing stability and balance to your skin.

Glowing healthy skin is yours because I have got your skin covered and it’s my job to continue to inspire happiness with my natural, proven and life changing products.

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