Step Into Spring: Refresh And Rejuvenate For Skin Perfection

Spring skincare has arrived. As the barrage of winter finally begins to show signs of abating, we turn our heads to the promise of warmer weather and adjusting skincare routines to banish seasonal dull, problematic and irritated skin. Lifestyle adaptations, climatic changes and longer, lighter days call for small introductions to your existing regime to maximise, refresh and ultimately improve and deliver the flawless skin that you deserve. Supported by a healthy lifestyle, as a master skincare expert, I share my top suggestions and products for getting that gorgeous spring glow.



Look to lighten the load of the heavy winter formulations of creams. Intense moisturising is still an essential aspect, so quench thirsty skin with intelligent formulas that really do pack a punch. The Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum is a natural and scientifically refined combination of moisturiser, primer and serum that delicately refines, exfoliates and restores through the deepest layers of the skin.


There is no better feeling than the spring-time sun radiating down on your face but it is crucial to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays whilst nurturing and nourishing the epidermis. It is essential for protection against sun damage and premature aging to incorporate a weekly treatment that aids in the restoration from exposure.” Featuring Phoridium Extract that reduces cell death by exposure to UV by 72%, I recommend the Mask Supreme 7-In-1, which features powerful Oleosome technology to prevent sunburn cells from forming by 98%.


Combating facial skin texture, particularly fine lines and wrinkles that develop around the eye continues to be an issue, as people become prone to squinting from bright sunlight. Focus on treatments rich in active oils, antioxidants and peptides to reduce damage to the delicate eye area. Plump, stimulate and reduce pigmentation with my hero product Bright and Light Eye Cream  which revitalises collagen production to give eyes a radiant and smoother finish.



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