Love the Skin You’re In – Growing To Be The Best You


Aging is a natural and inevitable part of life. Whilst there is no stopping the clock from ticking away, you can certainly slow down the negative effects that time has on skin and indeed, enjoy your face changing through the years. With age comes experiences, memories and wisdom. Aging is not a bad thing; you are simply growing to be the best you. This week, take a look at some of the techniques and skincare tips to embrace growing older gracefully, and to love the skin you’re in at any age.

1.    Having a high skin calcium content not only reduces the negative effects of premature skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, but also crucially increases the skin’s rate of protection against skin cancer occurring.

2.     Going green isn’t just for plant power. Drinking green tea; bursting full of incredible skin-feeding anti-oxidants, vitamin B, potassium and magnesium strengthens cardiovascular productivity and reduces both cholesterol and skin inflammation.

3.     A skincare routine is key for taking the time to get to know your face, skin and all the changes that age brings. Maintaining and cherishing the facial skin is part of embracing your unique face and features through-out all stages of life. The luxurious effects of the Luminous Light Polishing Powder  with Pullulan Extract gently exfoliates and re-surfaces skin, whilst instantly tightening and stimulating collagen reproduction.

4.     Enjoyment of life, and living an active, full and happy one is extremely important for both mental and physical health. However do remember to occasionally take the time for quiet reflection whether that is in reading, a past-time or exercise. Meditation has been proven to reduce emotional stress, which in turn reaps benefits on both the skin and body.

5.     Adaptive skincare that intelligently thinks and conforms to your skin’s needs is so important in the quest to have beautiful, healthy and lucious skin. The Cream Supreme Facial Moisturiser, with patented actives sourced from Azelaic acid helps even skin-tone, erase dark circles and reduce transepidermal water loss to minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

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