There is a Secret to Skin Perfection… the Key is Exfoliation.

The correct type of exfoliation can lead to visibly brighter and healthier-younger looking skin. The incorrect type of exfoliation can damage, irritate and lead to sensitivity. Read on for my tips and hit “like” & “share” if you enjoyed what you read.

The process of exfoliation is all about removing dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. By removing these dead cells, exfoliation can help keep pores from becoming clogged and leave skin with a refreshed and clean feeling.

What’s the benefit to clean and clear pores?

Well, not only can clogged pores result in blackheads and acne, when pores are clogged, they appear larger. So, if you’re worried about the size of your pores, although you can’t reduce their actual size (genetics is the biggest factor in pore size), you can help diminish their appearance by keeping them clog-free, refined and polished with Luminous Light.
In addition to the immediate visual benefits of exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing smoother, healthier skin cells to take their place.

What’s the benefit of speeding up skin renewal?

Not only will this help with fine lines and wrinkles, but it will help to ease discoloration as well like uneven skin tones or post inflammatory pigmentation.

Can I exfoliate daily?

Well that depends on what type of exfoliater you use. With Luminous Light, you can! If you want a very gentle polish just simply add more water to create more of a foam. For a more vigourous deep cleansing polishing, allow the ground Tea Tree leaves and Zinc PCA to get to work harder for you, and add less water.

The shedding of dead cells is a natural process but slows with age and sometimes, it is too slow in people prone to acne and breakouts. Exfoliating daily can maintain improvements in skin appearance and reduce the occurrence of breakouts. Luminous Light Polishing Powder is so smooth that it will not scratch, micro tear or irritate your skin and it will allow the skin the excrete sweat, sebum naturally and help to reduce clogging and therefore breakouts.

What if I have break outs or skin challenges?

Exfoliating regularly will enhance the effects of your other skin treatments. If you are using expensive anti ageing or treatment serums you can be wasting some cash! The best way to get younger looking skin, reduce or remove skin damage like acne scars or sun damage or redness, is to apply your treatment products straight onto your freshly polished buffed skin. This is one of the reasons I wanted to create a product like the Luminous Light Polishing Powder, as it will not irritate break outs, redness or pustules, but help to treat them with one of the bio active ingredients – Zinc PCA. Fabulous to keep away the unwanted appearance of those monthly chin break outs too! Vitally, I wanted something that treated, refined and polished the skin and allows your treatment products, moisturisers etc to go IN instead of ON and work hard to correct.

A word specifically for the Sirs…

Unfortunately, generally, many men wash their faces with bog standard soap. It’s certainly enough to keep you clean, but it’s not the best option to keep your skin healthy and will upset the pH balance of your skin which can lead to irritation, sensitivity, dryness & rougher skin in the long run. Exfoliation exposes the face’s hair follicles, allowing for a better shave. And we all know that a smoother shave is the holy grail of a man’s morning ritual. So the solution to a less irritated, smoother younger fresher skin is Luminous Light Polishing Powder which can act like an exfoliating cleanser. The more water you add, the more it foams. Try using it before you shave or the night before depressing on your skin type.

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