What’s Causing Those Pesky Puffy Eyes? 5 Steps to Eye Deflation

There’s many causes of puffy eyes – allergies, fluid retention, stress, hormone changes, dehydration, trauma, infection tiredness, hayfever; the list is extensive, especially when you consider all of the potential allergens in non-organic skincare creams and lotions packed with chemicals that just aren’t meant for, or kind to our skin…

The swelling of the eye, sometimes called periorbital puffiness, describes the presence of excess edema (fluid) in the delicate tissues around the eye, where the skin is very thin and sensitive.  As a facial expert, I can’t express enough how important it is to only use natural and organic products on our skin, let alone this super sensitive eye area to avoid redness and aggravating other existing skin issues.

Interesting fact: our eyes swell after crying due to the tiny glands in our eyelids that produce tears become inflamed from overactivity, and thus those tell-tale swollen eyes, which announce our moments of emotional distress to the world.

One of the most common causes of puffy eyes after sleeping is too much salt in the diet, resulting in fluid retention. Two runners-up to the top spot are sleep deprivation and excessive alcohol intake (Ahem, we’ve all been there!)

Biological ageing, skin issues such as dermatitis, allergies, styes, wearing contact lenses and conjunctivitis are all further common causes of those pesky puffy eyes and dark circles.

For those of you that suffer from hayfever, you’ve likely noticed your eyes getting increasingly puffy every morning since March or April –  and even more so now with all of those beautiful flowers in bloom.

5 top tips to reduce puffy eyes:

  1. Applying cold cucumber slices or a fridge-chilled eye mask can help cool the eye and reduce swelling without irritating the sensitive skin
  2. Apply an organic eye cream proven to reduce puffiness naturally without any chemicals. My Bright miracle eye elixir just got a shout out from Elle Magazine as being THE must-have eye product to make sure your eyes look amazing make up free – on FaceTime and in real life. Read the full article here, and then head over to my shop to grab your miracle wand
  3. Lower your salt intake
  4. Drink more water – increase your daily water intake by eating yummy water-rich foods like watermelon and cucumber.
  5. Use the simple and gentle massage techniques below.

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