The 4 Common Culprits Causing Those Dark Circles

Did you know that those pesky dark circles around your eyes are most likely caused by genetics?  Fear not. Read on to discover the 4 common culprits behind dark circles AKA ‘eye bags.’

The causes of dark circles

Women with darker skin tones, in particular, are more prone to hyperpigmentation around the eyes due to an increased production of melanin, where as people with white skin tones often present dark circles with a reddish or purple hue.

Allergies, such as hayfever and cat hair, are common culprits often resulting in a dark purple hue around the eyes which can be challenging (and uncomfortable) to hide with make up.

The more dry, itchy and irritated the eye area becomes, the more likely we are to rub them, which can actually worsen and highlight the problem further by causing thickening and darkening around the eye area.

How to prevent dark circles

Allergies and sensitivity to skincare products used around the sensitive eye area can cause swelling, but the most common offender is actually dehydration –Now we know why no one wakes up looking fresh and bright-eyed the morning after the night before…

Keeping yourself hydrated with at least 2 litres of water a day, minimizing your salt intake, using natural plantbased skincare products and using a gentle sunscreen all help prevent worsening dark circles.

Using a multi-tasking, hydrating and organic eye cream daily is vital to keep the eye area happy and hydrated, while also prepping the under-eye area so that your concealer glides on for all-day cover rather than caking on and flaking off by lunch time.

Although cold eye masks and cucumber slices over the eyes can help get short-term relief from swelling and dry, itchy eyes, dark circles are often a long-term problem requiring an ongoing solution.

Invest in an intelligent multi-tasking eye cream that thinks. Bright + Light Eye Cream is 100% natural and Clinically proven to reduce puffiness – this wonder wand with a delightfully cooling roller-ball glides on effortlessly soothing dry and irritated skin, maintains moisture levels by entrapping moisture around the eye area and stimulates the skin cells to produce collagen, therefore reducing wrinkle depth and preventing that ‘crinkly under eye look.’ Eyes are left looking bright, smooth and radiant while providing the perfect base for make up. Hello beautiful!

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