Seasonal Skincare: 3 Ways to Transition your Skincare from Summer into Autumn

There’s a reason why I launched a facial specifically for the transition period between seasons: skincare products and professional skin treatments or facials, need to be rotated seasonally in order to provide the required level of hydration, nourishment and protection our skin requires against the changing elements.

Skin actually becomes more dehydrated and prone to redness and sensitivity during the colder winter months, so richer products is required to nourish the skin in order to protect it against the lower humidity and the onset of other skin drying enviromental factors, such as central heating.

Summer skincare products should be tailored to repair damage and cocoon the skin with additional antioxidants to protect our skin from the UV rays. Now as we transition into autumn, our skin requires that we switch up our daily skincare regime to incorporate more hydrating and nourishing products to protect our skin from the colder, drier weather to come.

Autumn can cause the skin to start losing additional moisture – skin that may already be a little dehydtrated and damaged after those summer days and holidays spent basking under the sun in our gardens, at the beach or yachting, leaving our skin in need of a little TLC from exposure to the UV Rays, chlorine and seawater.

Autumn Skincare Regime

  1. Step down exfoliate to 2-3 times per week
  2. Use an oil cleanser twice daily to rehydrate the skin and form a protective barrier like its very own cocoon to keep it hydrated and protected from the colder temperatures yet drier indoor air.
  3. Switch your moisturiser for a facial oil serum to repair, nourish and protect against the colder weather and drying affects of central heating while calming any redness and offering the perfect balance between hydration and oil production.

If you’re based in London, visit my website to discover more about the Antonia Burrell Trans-Seasonal facial which repairs, nourishes, brightens, regenerates and nurtures skin to support it as we transition into the next season.

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