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Antonia’s approach as a leading skin expert is holistic and she explores internal well -being as well as external beauty and believes that skincare is a journey. Advice is practical, detailed and specific and if you follow Antonia’s advice, then you are on your journey to flawless, younger looking, trouble-free skin. Each facial treatment is bespoke and expertly tailored for your exact skincare needs so you will leave Antonia’s presence with corrected, radiant, glowing skin, feeling loved and truly pampered.

Natural Corrective Face Lift Facial
90 mins  £120.00

This outstanding facial therapy promotes flawless, younger looking, trouble free skin combining the technical, advanced techniques applied within the Bespoke Facial that focuses on correcting your skin troubles for example, premature ageing skin, pigmentation, breakouts, blemishes, dull and tired skin and incorporates some of the 48 advanced face lifting techniques of the Pure Face Lift Facial exclusively designed and created by Antonia Burrell. The best of both facials that passionately pursue skin perfection.

Antonia Burrell Bespoke Facial
90 mins  £120.00
60 mins   £85.00

The Antonia Burrell Bespoke facials offer you the finest, chemical free, holistic experience and are custom designed around you and the needs if your skin. Helping to tackle a myriad of issues from premature ageing, keeping wrinkles at bay, adult acne to pigmentation to name a few. All bespoke facials will incorporate some of the following aspects – ozone steaming, extractions, microdermabrasion, galvanic therapy, advanced cosmetic procedures, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, face lifting techniques and more. You will love the results and your skin will be left bright, refreshingly tingly, toned and nourished.

Antonia Burrell Pure Natural Face Lift
90min   £130.00
60 mins  £95.00

More than just a beauty treatment, the Antonia Burrell Porcelain Face Lift Facial has been designed to improve health and well-being and is based on balancing, deeply relaxing, yet energising advanced massage techniques developed and perfected by Antonia, after more 4 years of research and development. This treatment is so advanced that it has been formally accredited by one if the industry’s top awarding bodies.

You will love this sumptuous, lush, stress melting, holistic treatment, as wrinkles are ironed away, facial muscles are lifted and your skin will look like porcelain… more defined and toned as deep-seated tension is released.  Unlock the new you and your skin will be fresh, plump and dewy, your senses will be revived, your energy will be renewed and your stress levels reduced. Sheer bliss!

For best results Face Lift treatments are recommended initially at weekly intervals for 6 – 8 weeks to get the skin to an optimum condition, followed by monthly maintenance sessions.

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