What is a Skin Softener and Why Do I Need One?

Antonia Burrell Forest Dew Skin Conditioner

A skin conditioner (also known as a skin softener) is an essential step to deeply moisturised, flawless skin and at Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare it’s our ultimate secret weapon! Find out why….

Forest Dew Skin Conditioner is quite simply my secret weapon to deeply hydrated, flawless skin. It’s a multi-tasking hero that solves a multitude of skin problems – from dehydration and dryness to inflammation and enlarged pores – through the unrivalled power of plant therapy.

Firstly, what is a skin softener or skin conditioner?

Put simply, it’s like a double hydrator AND fixes skin concerns: it feeds the skin with a surge of hydrating nutrients, and strengthens its moisture barrier against dryness (particularly good at this time of year when the outside temperature drops and indoor central heating goes on).

Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare Forest Dew Skin Conditioner is a deeply hydrating silky-textured beauty water that not only hydrates skin but protects and treats it too, particularly if you have enlarged pores, inflammation or redness. It’s a unique multi-tasker that can save skin when it’s suffering.

Why would you need a skin softener?

If you have sensitivities, Forest Dew Skin Conditioner can help reduce redness, allergy inflammation or irritation, thanks to the French Fucose Polysaccharide. This extract has been clinically proven to increase hydration to the skin by up to 85% over 8 hours. This is 8 times longer-lasting and deeper hydration than hyaluronic acid.

If you’re prone to breakouts or problem skin, then Forest Dew can help reduce the inflammation in skin. The Swiss Epilobium Fleischeri extract has been clinically proven to reduce skin inflammation and specifically inflammation related to acne, by 66%. Not only that but it can help mattify the skin by 55% and reduce the appearance of pores by 18%. That’s some serious skincare statistics there!

How to use it?

Apply six pumps of Forest Dew Skin Conditioner into the palms of clean hands and massage into skin until fully absorbed. Apply and massage in an outwards motion paying particular atttention to lines and wrinkles as this beauty water will work its magic and help to reduce their appearance.

Forest Dew will also remove all traces of Natural Glow Cleansing Oil and prepare your skin to receive amazing benefits from Antonia Burrell Facial Serum or Cream Supreme Moisturiser.

Superhero ingredients:

Unique, high-performing natural botanicals are chosen for their bio-tech powers: French Fucose Polysaccharide, Swiss Epilobium Fleischeri Extract , Lavender Flower Water, Cucumber Fruit Extract.

To discover the skin-fixing benefits of Forest Dew Skin Conditioner for yourself visit the Antonia Burrell shop. If you’re already a fan or have recently tried Forest Dew, let us know what you think on Twitter @AntoniaBurrell or Facebook.com/Antonia-Burrell-Skincare

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