Antonia Loves… Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum

When we stop and consider how plants distill from the earth such a rich abundance of exquisite aromatic, powerful, healing molecules in an infinite variety of combinations, we can only acknowledge that we are participating in a miracle of life which is full of mystery, wonder and most importantly for me, within my remit as formulator and facialist…science!

I LOVE Pure Therapy Facial Serum it is a complex hand blended mix of 21 plant oils and plant extracts that I initially designed for a client who came to see me after being recommend. She had the most chronic breakouts I’d seen in a while, she was desperate and vulnerable, her self esteem was low and there were a myriad of different issues and challenges that needed to be addressed.

Does your skin sometimes have many issues at the same time? Times when it  decides to break out and doesn’t stop, goes red or becomes inflamed,  but is still dry, sometimes maybe a little flakey or dehydrated yet still breaking out and the signs of ageing are litterally in your face?

So, I decided to express my love for a few of my favourite extracts that are in Pure Therapy to give you more of an insight. It’s an interesting read.

Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum contains high levels of  Organic Sandalwood and  I love it because it has the most calming and soothing aroma and a myriad of amazing benefits for the skin. It is a fabulous skin soothing balancer, which helps to calm itchy, irritated, reactive skin whilst helping reduce congestion, spots & blemishes and even acne.This oil is suitable for all skin types, but is great as a a wrinkle reducing anti aging treatment, that tightens skin too. It has antiseptic, anti inflammatory and astringent properties.

Sandalwood can aid in the treatment of eczema because it has a soothing, cooling effect on skin and is even known to help you get a better sleep because of it’s sedative properties. A few drops in your evening bath will not only work wonders for your skin but can help you have a more restful sleep.

Sandalwood helps soften skin by increasing and restoring its ability to retain moisture.

Stress-melting Vetiver is amazing for the holistic treatment of dry, irritated or sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or sun burn. It bestows cooling and hydrating properties which help to  restore suppleness, hydration and vitality to skin that suffers from conditions like dehydration, heat rash. It appears to draw moisture to the skin making it an invaluable tonic.

Tea Seed is a natural disinfectant and helps to calm angry, irritated and oily skin

Kiwi Seed has a high content of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which help to treat large pores and helps to reduce redness. It helps to restore elasticity to aging and damaged skin, its highly anti-oxidant which helps to keep you looking young because those free radicals are less able to attack your skin. I really enjoy  it’s texture as it is light and is suitable for oilier skin types.

Melaleuca Viridiflora Leaf is a powerful antiseptic, and promotes healing of scar tissue

Our patented Date Seed Extract has been clinically proven to increase collagen synthesis, anti wrinkle efficacy; its unparalleled free radical scavenging properties defends skin from environmental sources of ageing and wrinkling.  Regenerates and protects the skin from further free radical damage, improves the skins natural defence against oxidative stress, which will help to accelerate your journey to flawless skin.

So there you have it…Pure Therapy is also great to help with hormonal breakouts and will also help to prevent them with continued use. Less is more and it’s not a moisturiser..there’s Cream Supreme for that. 1 pump is fine to massage into your face at night. It’s optional is you choose to put a moisturiser on afterwards.

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