The Secret to Glowing, Radiant Skin is Cleansing

Clean skin is one of the surest first steps on the path to skin perfection. As the most important step in your beauty regime, it forms sound building blocks of any good skincare routine and helps to correct and fortify. Whether your skin is oily or dry, keeping it clean is essential to improving the clarity and appearance of it. When your skin is clear, you feel good!

So, let us explore the world of cleansing more and why it is so important. The basic purpose of cleansing is to remove dirt, makeup, bacteria and oil, both of which can block the pores and cause blackheads and may lead to breakouts. Oils are naturally produced on our skin daily in the form of what is called sebum. Sebum is a natural fatty acid produced by our body to act as a face moisturiser and mild anti bacterial agent. Other oils will be on your skin from the moisturiser that you use too. In addition, if you have an SPF incorporated into your moisturiser… and I am sure you do… the texture of this product will be slightly thicker than a moisturiser that does not contain an SPF. SPF is responsible for blocking out harmful ageing UV rays from the sun, however if it is not thoroughly removed from your skin, it can cause further blockages and congestion in the pores.

When you go to work, stay at home, board a train or bus, party at the cocktail bar, dine in a Michelin restaurant, drive in your car, jet set off to Paris or New York, or walk in the tranquillity of a beautiful park, sebum naturally secrets from your skin. This sebum, as-well as oils in your moisturiser, will attract specks of pollution, dust, dirt and bacteria throughout the day from the air. The more polluted and enclosed the atmosphere, the dirtier the skin will become, which is why my friends out of London always moan about their skin, nails and inners of their nose being much dirtier after visiting me in the city. Just as you thought I was going to start giving solutions…there is another element that sticks onto our face during the day that you need to consider. We sweat…and sweat is releasing toxins, mainly salt, from the body and the evaporated residue is left on the skin.


Now you know a little more about the importance of cleansing here are my cleansing tips to ensure healthy, radiant skin:

Early Morning Cleansing

A simple one step cleanse should clear away any natural secretions and impurities that have accumulated during the night, together with any serums, night creams or facial oils.

Evening Cleansing

 Always cleanse your skin twice in the evening. This is very important as the first cleanse removes the pollution, dirt, bacteria and make-up that has built up during the day. The purpose of the second cleanse is to clean the skin and the pores. If you wear very heavy make up, you may need to cleanse three times.

Your evening cleanse is also a great time to incorporate the quick 3 minute massage routine I talked about in my blog last week. Once you make the time, you’ll love the results and the feeling of calm and well-being that encompasses you after. My cleansing and skin care tips are meant to increase the lifespan of beautiful skin and help in detoxification of unhealthy toxins in the body, relax and lift your facial muscles and enhance your natural beauty.

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