Massage Away Time

Do you not feel the pace we live at today is phenomenal?

Twenty-four hours is no longer a sufficient amount of time to manage the various physical and emotional demands set upon us daily and the danger of falling into the cavernous vacuum that is modern society is all too prevalent. This constant intrusion to our natural state affects both our inner and outer equilibrium and this disharmony is projected in not only our health, but the body’s largest organ, the skin.

When you are stressed your skin becomes a billboard to your inner soul and thus visualises the pressures and anxieties you are experiencing on the inside, on the one body part everyone notices first – your face. Cruel, maybe, but only to be kind as without this demonstrable warning the consequences could be far worse, for both your well-being and your skin. I see it in my clients frequently and the most restorative technique to help revive skin to its natural, youthful state whilst also relinquishing the mind of the worries and tension life brings is through facial massage.

Just like any other form of massage, facial massage relieves tension, promotes relaxation and restores energy to your face and body by improving circulation. This ancient form of healing is an important part of maintaining youthful skin and in my passionate pursuit for skin perfection I have spent over four years researching and developing my own unique and advance massage techniques. My Natural Facelift Facial incorporates 48 muscle movements including acupressure, face lifting and sculpting techniques all of which are proven to tone the face, reduce puffiness and literally iron-out wrinkles. The results are special with skin looking gorgeously youthful and you feeling miraculously refreshed with the stresses of life melted away.

But even a simple five minute facial massage at home can open the door to a new you and improve the appearance of your skin. By combining the melting textures of oils sourced from the hills of Europe to the rainforests of Brazil, mesmeric aromas echoing the shores of the exotica and potent formulas from clinically proven plant bio-actives of the Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare collection, with a simple cleansing and massage routine you will help reduce lines, lift cheeks and leave skin radiant and bursting with the first blush of youth. For a daily facelift, try this simple, four-step routine:

  1. Apply cleanser and using your ring and middle finger, start from the centre of your chin and working outwards and upwards on to the cheeks, massage using small circular movements.
  2. Next, working inwards against the lines and wrinkles, massage around the eyes focusing on the socket. Do this 12 times.
  3. You now want to focus on the forehead. Massage the forehead using your middle fingers using small, circular movements, working up towards the hairline.
  4. To finish, use light, tapping movements all over the face with your middle and ring fingers. Spend a minute on each step then wipe away cleanser with a cloth or muslin.

Give it a try – I promise a new you will be born.

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For: Harpers Bazaar magazine

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