The Power of Nature

Spring has undoubtedly sprung and doesn’t it feel wonderful! With blossom on the trees creating stunning backdrops to the streets of London and clusters of golden daffodils springing up in the parks and gardens, spring is a time of year where nature bursts into life in abundance.  Even here in London, where urban-life reigns over the rural-idle, my body instinctively senses and reacts to a change of season, as it has been programmed to do since life began, and finds evidence of this natural metamorphosis round the corner of every building and crack in the pavement.

 I love this time of year.  It’s when nature comes into its own and the true beauty and influence of the environment is lavishly clear.  And is there anything more beautiful or intelligent than nature?  The science of nature is far superior to any synthetic, man-made formula, which is why I have used the complexities of the natural world to create a 100% natural skin care collection that indulges both your skin and your senses.  Can you think of anything finer than Cypress from the hills of Tuscany, Alpine extract from the Swiss Alps or Frankincense from the arid plains of Arabia; all grown with nurture, care and passion to create unrivalled ingredients from the best that nature offers?  But as with any living thing to retain its optimum potency the plants and extracts must be fresh. 

 And by fresh, I really mean fresh.  The ingredients used in my collection are harvested only when we are ready for production so they go from land to laboratory in an instant, guaranteeing the most powerful and effective results.  This combined with clinically proven and patented plant bio-actives sees the scientific and natural worlds fused together to form a sumptuous skincare collection that respects and understands the true physiology of beauty, giving you, most importantly, results that you will be amazed with.

Back in my London home I’m filling it with spring flowers and enjoying the pure, sensuous and indulging mood it creates; much like the Antonia Burrell collection.

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