Inspiring Happiness, Self Esteem and Skin Confidence Through Life Changing Products

Did you know that within the animal kingdom we’re naturally drawn to confidence because it exudes courage, positivity, strength, leadership, power and knowledge?  That’s why feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin is so beautiful.

Can acne and other skin conditions affect your self confidence?

The short answer is, absolutely! During my many years as a skincare expert, I’ve been lucky enough to see time and time again just how powerful achieving clear skin can be for former sufferers of all genders.

When I first started blending 100% natural oils to create intelligent formulas to treat, nourish, balance and perfect all skin types, my vision for the Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare brand was simple: to create a brand that’s continuously inspiring happiness, self esteem and skin confidence through life changing products.

Curing acne and problem skin can be a vicious circle. Acne can cause real distress in sufferers, low self esteem and a lack of confidence while the side effects become additional outbreak triggers: stress, depression and other factors can exacerbate skin problems. And so the cycle continues…

Our modern lifestyles can put further pressure on all of us to make us feel like we have to look our best at all times. Whether that be for snapshots of our week day adventures, talking with our new crush on FaceTime or taking a Friday night selfie with friends.

Seeing the incredibly inspiring life changing transformation in one of my early clients when we finally treated and cured her skin of acne really fuelled my passion in creating a luxury skincare brand which inspires happiness through skin confidence. A once self-conscious and quiet being transformed before my very eyes into a more confident, happy and outgoing version of herself.

Acne can have serious social and psychological effects. Once a problem associated with those already insecure teenage years, the rise in adult acne is gaining momentum at a shocking rate due to environmental factors, toxic diets and hasrsh ingredients in non-natural skincare products. Whatever the age of a sufferer, apart from the obvious self-esteem issues, acne can also make it difficult for to form relationships, resulting in more shy and reclusive behaviours.

The best way to cure acne is to understand the type of acne you have.

What are the two main types of acne?

  1. Hormonal – these breakouts normally occur around the mouth, chin and jaw area. Symptoms may get worse the week before your period.
  2. Cystic acne – caused by severe infection of bacteria clogging the pore.

The first step to being able to clear your skin of acne is to book a facial and/or skin consultation with a skincare expert. They will be able to assess which type of acne you have, so that you can make the necessary lifestyle and skincare changes to help treat your skin effectively.

Invest in your skincare routine: natural products remove excess oil, dirt and debris from deep down in your pores without stripping your skin of natural oils, allowing your skin to balance its pH level for calm, happy and nourished skin.

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