Stress and Skin Connection

Stress is a full 360-degree assault on the mind, body and soul – and quite often we see the results first hand on our skin.  April marks Stress Awareness Month, and whether its work, home or simply life in general, chronic stress can take a toll on skin health, causing signs of fatigue, dark circles, promoting acne, redness and wreaking havoc with texture. As the largest organ of the body, skin plays important barrier and immune functions, maintaining a delicately balanced barrier between external environment and internal tissues.

So the stress/skin connection is most definitely real, and can trigger the body to go into overdrive, releasing a barrage of inflammatory chemicals.  These chemicals are called interleukins, which, in order to help protect your health, cause inflammation. If your genetics, environment, or both make you susceptible to certain skin-related ailments, this inflammation can also make them flare up. 

So what efficient ways do we manage the stress/skin connect? Of course there are a myriad of holistic and health ways to help reduce, and manage your stress and stress-fuelled behaviours that effect your skin. This includes incorporating healthy diet, adding in natural adaptogens to help boost the immune system, exercise to release endorphins and flood the body with feel-good energy and then there is simply giving yourself and mind a kindness break in whatever form of healthy relaxation you find suits – be it cooking, connecting with friends or gardening.

But how about the power of facial cupping and massage for skin? The AB Face + Eye Lift cupping technique within the Facial Lift in a Box and cult Facial in a Box utilises the negative pressure created by the light suction, which is the opposite of what we are used to in life; most therapies push into the skin; prodding and compressing. This technique creates space for movement, flow, release & nourishment, giving amazing looking, lifted, glowing skin.

So let the light suction of cupping with hero & globally revered Facial In a Box + Face Lift Cupping Massage glide over skin increasing blood circulation & drawing vital nutrients to the surface. Problematic, stressed & lack lustre skin concerns: gone. Tension headaches eased, lymph drainage increased, sensational skin is yours.