Get Growing Without A Garden

Plant benefits are countless; the love of watching a seed grow into a beautiful bloom, the satisfaction of eating your own produce, the health benefits that greenery bring to the mind and body. Yet being a plant parent requires no garden, and getting your green thumbs on can be done in the smallest of places if your pressed for outdoor space. Celebrating National Gardening Week, these three top tips for why you should get growing now.

1. Indoor growing efforts can extend far beyond herbs, and there are no greenhouses required! With a few some sunny windows and using either window boxes, pots or plant trays – there are plenty of edibles that can be grown inside, including lettuce, kale, tomatoes and even some dwarf fruit trees.

2. Interacting with bacteria that live in and on plants can increase your own bacterial diversity and improve your microbiome. For those urbanites or short on space, then naturally houseplants or a terrace herb garden will do the trick.

3. Bringing plants indoors is a sustainable and quick way to improve indoor air quality quickly. A scientific study even found certain plants to be useful in absorbing harmful gasses and cleaning indoor air. One of the best detoxifying and air purifying plants is the Pothos, nicknamed “the cubicle plant” for its ability to grow in less-than-ideal environments and natural and gentle removes low levels of pollutes from the air.

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