Psychodermatology: Every Face Tells a Story

As a holistic skincare brand, I’ve always been passionately mindful of the important correlation between my state of mind and my skin.

Psychodermatology studies the close interaction between the mind and skin, and describes the treatment and potential healing of skin disorders using psychological and psychiatric techniques.

While traditional dermatologists view and resolve skin complaints from a biological perspective, psychodermatology takes both biological and psychological factors affecting the skin into consideration.

Neuropeptides, hormones and neurotransmitters all play a role in psychodermatological disorders, with stress and tiredness being identified as internal and external forces that affect the balance of the skin which can lead to skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Stress results in an increase of cortocptropin being produced in the body, which is bad news for problem skin sufferers. Additionally, skin conditions such as acne cause poor self-esteem in sufferers often worsening their state of mind, which further highlights the importance of the link between the mind and skin.

Psychodermatology explores the importance of being mindful to reduce anxiety and stress, whilst studying the reaction of how our feelings are reflected in the condition of our skin. Under extreme stress, our immune system can react negatively resulting in redness, hives, eczema and psoriasis.

Various scientific studies have shown that stress can interfere with the immune system, therefore affecting the skin’s ability to heal. Ongoing negative stress can affect the function of the skin’s permeability barrier, which usually prevents harmful substance entering the skin cell layers while also preventing the loss of fluid from them.

Psychodermatological methods of treatment include meditation, yoga, relaxation, psychotherapy, anti-anxiety drugs, acupuncture and hypnosis.

Find a relaxation method that works for you. Personally, I love to practice hot yoga a few times per week. A warm bath with an inspirational book marks the end of most long days for me, helping me to relax and melt away the stresses of the day before getting 8 hours of that all-important beauty sleep. Looking after your health and your mind really is as important as looking after every other aspect of your life.

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