Forest Bathing: Bathe in Greenery

I will forever shout from the mountain tops about the power of  the plant kingdom and its sheer intelligence that provides us with such incredible miracle plants that care for every aspect of our holistic health, mind and beauty.  As well as carefully selecting and sourcing the organic plants we use to nourish and heal our skin, we should also take time out to submerge ourselves in nature.

Originating in Japan, forest bathing is a fairly modern mindful trend which involves the act of taking time out to enjoy the forest atmosphere.

The idea is that by simply visiting and slowly walking around a nature setting overflowing with lush greenery, you bring about a wealth of calming, rejuvenating and restorative health benefits to the mind, body and soul.

So what is it about forest bathing that’s become so popular? Many varieties of trees release organic compounds that support our immune system. Additional benefits of those glorious lazy walks through nature include reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, elevated mood, increased concentration (especially good for children or adults with ADHD), increased energy levels and improved sleep. Go Mother Nature!

What a great excuse to get outdoors more this summer – whether that be to curl up in the sun for stolen moments with a riveting book in the garden, your local park or nearest botanical gardens, or spending time with family and friends surrounded by an old fashioned picnic followed by a leisurely afternoon stroll through the woods. Magic!

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