LIFT, CONTOUR & SCULPT for Christmas, Party season and beyond

Skin is an immensely complex organ but essentially, it has some basic needs. Firstly, skin needs to be thoroughly yet delicately cleansed, secondly, it needs to be both hydrated and nourished.

During this winter season that are filled with festivities – gloriously late nights and delicious overindulgence, your skin is often the first to visibly take the toll, becoming prone to problematic, lack-lustre, stressed and tired flaws and blemishes. Glowing, clear and gorgeous skin is the holy-grail for party season, so how to identify the steps and obtain the advice to resolve and prevent skin concerns, all whilst easing muscle tension, aiding restful sleep and achieving a relaxed and rested look?

The skin secret is out! Ask a global skin expert, and have a relaxing, facial with an international BABTAC Accredited and Certified massage technique. All with the comfort and ease of doing this at-home or whenever and wherever you like. Facial in a Box + AB Face Lift Cupping Massage

is the wonderfully efficient one-pack treatment that combines cupping, Antonia’s internationally accredited Face Lift Facial technique with her 100% natural, organic and holistic skincare collection.

Seen on QVC, beloved by beauty editors and now also sold at Net-A-Porter, this little box of wonders are thrilling people with the instantly visible, rested results by helping stimulating skin, restoring radiance, dealing with dark spots and blemishes and plumping up facial muscles. Now follow along too LIVE with Antonia Burrell Weekly Facial Class, on Facebook and Instagram every Monday, where in this masterclass, celebrity skin expert Antonia reveals life changing, proven skincare secrets and techniques that’ll make your skin glow with health, vitality and happiness like never before.