What To Do When Suffering From Mask-Induced Acne

Face masks are now a part of our daily routine, and unequivocally slow the  spread of air-bourne viruses. However the friction of the fabric, combined with trapped warm humidity is increasing cases of acne mechanic leading to clogged pores, skin-barrier breakdown, cystic acne, blemishes, pigmentation and micro-abrasions.

Not only does this friction lead to inflammation and irritation, but it could also break down the delicate skin barrier, the microscopic layer of protective oils and fats that protect skin against bacteria as well as keep hydration inside the skin.

The result? Bacteria thrives in a moist, warm environment; as temperatures continue to rise and mask wearing stays essential, it may only lead to and exacerbate problematic skin.

“Prevention is better than cure.” Take these three simple steps from Antonia Burrell to help treat, prevent and protect skin whilst preventing maskne from popping up in the first place.. And always remember, stay safe. 

Always Double Cleanse To Remove Unwanted Bacteria:

The first time you cleanse your face, you’re simply removing makeup, dust, pollution and any SPF lotions or creams applied during your morning skincare routine and the remnants of the day from the surface of your skin. The second cleanse goes deeper and really goes to work on removing any excess dirt, sweat, sebum or other nasties left trapped in our pores. If this layer of the day is left behind, dirt and oil builds up, eventually blocking our pores and causing breakouts. This should become a daily ritual for all mask wearers. Use the best-selling and heavenly scented Natural Glow Cleansing Oil to wash away makeup and impurities but still respect and replenish the skin’s microbiome.

Frequently Use Skincare Masks To Draw Out Impurities Deep in the Epidermis

The multi-tasking miracle Mask Supreme 7-in-1 helps to intelligently reinforce your skin’s natural defence system. When your skin feels red, irritated, dry, itchy, oily or flaky it is because the ideal balance has been compromised. The mask gets straight to work at restoring the delicate balance of the flora and leaves your complexion deeply hydrated and replenished. Use the mask for ten minutes and remove with a hot cloth for immediate results, or leave overnight so that skin can deeply and intensely benefit from the Oleosome technology both instantly and overtime.

Help Cleanse Air-Bourne Environmental Pollutants

As a severe asthma sufferer, Antonia Burrell has harnessed the therapeutic powers of aromatherapy to create the AND BREATHE Air Cleansing Room Spray, designed to help cleanse the air and uplift your spirit whether at home, work or ‘on-the-go’. Essential oils are fashioned from the scents of nature — everything from pine trees to sandalwood to lavender. The concentrated, scented liquids are obtained from the distillation of these aromatic, antifungal, antibacterial plants and creating a potent blend can be wholly holistic and beneficial for mood, body and mind

AND BREATHE is plant based, vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly and infuses therapeutic plant oils and extracts including Dalmatian Sage, Wild Ravensara Leaf and Frankincense releasing a beautiful long lasting aroma to help relax, restore balance and inspire happiness. Shop here

Credit for cover image:
Vogue Portugal June 2018 Luca Adamik by Angelo Lamparelli