Veg out for Vegan Beauty: The Benefits Behind the Beauty Boom

The trend for going vegan is growing. Leading a plant based diet is said to better for the body and both ethically and environmentally conscious. In the past decade, according to the Vegan Society, veganism has seen a 360 percent uptake, and the lifestyle movement shows no sign of slowing down.

Crucially, a vegan diet can be a fantastic benefit for giving glowingly gorgeous skin. A plant-based diet is rich in anti-ageing antioxidants and nutrients, which detox and clear oestrogen whilst helping to balance out your microbiome. Hydration is increased, with fine lines and wrinkles reduced, leading to improved skin clarity, tone and suppleness. The lack of diary in the diet also often means acne flare-ups decrease. Even adopting a few meat-free days has been proven to reap wonders for the health.

But what does this mean for the beauty industry? Vegan beauty and skincare can be simply classified as not animal tested and contain no animal derivatives. Those who suffer with sensitive, irritated and problematic skin may often find vegan skincare and beauty beneficial, as the all-natural and organic ingredients within the formulas tend to be kinder on the skin.

Antonia Burrell skincare is proud to be cruelty-free and responsibly sourced, in both ingredients and packaging with all but one of the plant-powered miracle products suitable for vegan use. This called the Antonia Burrell ‘Pure Plant-Therapy’ philosophy – all about beautiful textures, stress- melting aromas and multi-tasking formulas that blend advanced natural bio-tech science with the best pure plant extracts. Effective, powerful, potent – but also gentle, indulgent and luxurious.

Everything is clean, chemical-free, luxurious, ethically sourced and 100% natural – and that it works, both quickly and noticeably, in perfecting the skin – tackling everything from acne to UV-induced sun spots. The Antonia Burrell entire product range is free from parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, SLS, PEGS, glycols and other synthetic chemicals commonly found in mainstream beauty products, and crucially is not tested on animals.

Independently produced in England and expertly hand-blended using only the nest, freshest, most potent plant, herb and flower extracts together with proven plant based bio-actives, Antonia Burrell skincare is always 100% natural in its formulations.Ethical, organic, ecological and sustainably sourced – Antonia Burrell Skincare continues to support organic growers in the UK and throughout the world.

Going all-green works. From the incredible, proven results of the best-selling, beauty editor favourite Facial In A Box to the skincare staple and exquisite formula of Natural Glow Cleansing Oil – Antonia Burrell skincare is always Natural, Proven and Life-Changing.

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