Tender Loving Skincare This winter

Tender loving skincare this winter

The colder months are well known for wreaking havoc on our complexion, from dry, flakey skin, to chapped hands and lips. I’m sharing my top tips for caring for your skin throughout winter – read on to discover how you can maintain a glowing complexion throughout the rest of the season.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

Contrary to common belief, the weather isn’t the cause of dehydrated skin in winter. In fact, our skin feels tight or flakey as we’re subjected to central heating, which evaporates the moisture in our skin, so focus on hydrating the skin inside and out. Make sure you drink at least half a litre of water each day, as well as herbal or fruit tea. I also recommend coconut water, which is one of the most hydrating fluids around, and tastes delicious! To hydrate your skin from the outside, call on the Antonia Burrell Forest Dew Skin Conditioner; it contains French Fucose Polysaccharide, which increases hydration by 85% over 4 hours and hydrates the skin 8 times longer and deeper than hyaluronic acid!

Re-consider your skincare routine

Think about replacing a foaming cleanser with a natural, emulsifying cleansing oil such as Natural Glow, which leaves hydration levels intact and brightens your skin. Follow with a generous application of a toner to draw in in moisture, then finish with a serum and moisturiser to lock in the hydration. A regular treatment mask such as the new Mask Supreme 7-in-1 will help to keep skin looking refreshed and vibrant.

Seek guidance from an expert

If you just don’t know where to turn, visit an expert facialist. If you’re in need of a skin-perfecting facial, my recommendations for winter are: The Most Hydrating Facial Ever which uses a powerful cocktail of moisture-infusing plant bio actives to nourish, hydrate and boost the skins ability to regenerate, whilst also softening the skin and reducing wrinkles; and also the Trans-seasonal Equilibrium Facial which is perfect for February as we gradually transition into spring. If you’re short on time, but want maximum results, opt for a Face Express Power Facial, as featured in Stylist. In just 20 minutes your skin will be transformed using either the Lift & Plump, Nourish & Repair or Polish & Glow technique… giving you that facial fix whenever you need it most!

Winter Woman

Myth buster

Exfoliating during winter doesn’t exasperate dry patches. As our skin becomes dehydrated due to the central heating and dead cell build up, it’s important to use a good exfoliator to encourage skin cell renewal and sweep away any debris left on your skin to reveal a fresh complexion. If your skin feels a little sensitised during winter, opt for a gentle powder exfoliator or use a muslin cloth to remove your cleanser daily.

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