Sun, Sea and Skin Saving Superfoods


Now that summer’s here it’s time to load up on antioxidants. Why? Because the skin can be extra sensitive to damage caused by UV rays and become dry, distressed and lacklustre as a result. So we’ve rounded up our top superfoods and skin savers to keep you radiant and naturally nourished this summer.

Our Top 3 Superfoods

They say you are what you eat, and that’s because a healthy diet plays a crucial role in your skin’s health and ability to repair itself. And the best way to start is from the inside out. Think superfoods are just seasonal fads? Well, think again. Here are our top 3 picks that give new meaning to ‘replenishing from the inside’.

  • Beetroot: Love or loathe them, beets are packed with healthy nutrients including calcium, iron, potassium and protein. And if you’re less than partial to their tangy taste, toss them into a blender, along with a handful of spinach, strawberries (both high in antioxidants) and coconut milk, for a delicious and nutritious energy boost.
  • Swiss Chard: Much like its counterparts spinach and kale, Swiss chard is packed with, you guessed it, antioxidants. But it also aids in purifying and detoxifying the body and because of its high amounts of biotin- great for your hair healthvitamin K and potassium, this leafy green is also known as a brain booster. Go for:The ones with a rosy red stalk, they’re rich in phyto-nutrients known as betalains.
  • Watermelon:  It’s hard to fault this crowd pleaser that’s high in vitamins A and C and low in sugar. Studies have also shown that watermelon helps to lower the blood pressure and is high in lycopene, which can help protect the skin from sunburn, so eat up! Why not: Turn it into a side dish by adding some walnuts, a few mint leaves and some black olives.

Seek Refuge

Rain or shine – we are used to temperamental summers after all – I can’t stress how important it is to always wear a natural sunscreen. Not only will it help prevent discoloration, pigmentation and premature aging, it also gives you a chemical free protection against harmful free radicals.

Stay Hydrated

Yes that means getting all the H20 your body needs, but it’s also about keeping your skin nourished from the outside. My go-to remedy against parched skin is always going to be a serum or mask, which is why I filled my Mask Supreme 7-in 1 with essential skin-loving anti-oxidants. This includes nourishing mango butter which protects the skin from UV radiation whilst giving some TLC, vitamin E to hydrate and maintain elasticity and phoridium extract, a micro-algae that works to prevent sun damage by encouraging cell renewal and will give you a fresh, glowing complexion synonymous with summer.

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