Party Season: How to Maintain Complexion Perfection

Party season, I mean, holiday season, is among us. Celebrating festive times with friends and family can be fun, but excessive late nights and partying can do numbers on our largest organ – skin.

Why? Sleep deprivation and alcohol dehydrates skin.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it increases urination. It also hinders the production of vasopressin, the hormone that helps to absorb water. Increased urination and a decreased ability to absorb fluids ultimately makes your body lose necessary water, electrolytes, and minerals. This results in dry, red, and puffy unhappy skin.

Drinking alcohol also decreases your body’s level of Vitamin A, which is a powerful antioxidant that is essential for cell renewal and gives your skin a healthy glow. Lacking Vitamin A makes it harder for your skin to fight off free radicals, which can damage the lipid layer, or “moisture center”, of your skin. For more information on the importance of antioxidants and battling free radicals, click here.

Additionally, alcohol acts as a vasodilator, meaning it opens up blood vessels. These over-dilated vessels are what lead to a puffy, red complexion.

Alcohol isn’t the only problematic element our skin faces when it comes to the party season. Sugar and salt are often major ingredients in mixed drinks. Sugar has been proven to trigger the horomone IGF-1, which causes an over-production of oil in your skin. Salt, on the other hand, leads to under-eye bags.

While most of us have hangover cures to help us feel better, I doubt we all have hangover cures to make us look better. Give your skin its own hangover cure for better tone and clarity; because, your skin shouldn’t tell the world you had a late night.

Rehydrate inside and out

Water serves as a type of internal moisturizer. Hydrating your skin from within helps with smoothing out wrinkles, leaving your skin looking bright and fresh. Although water is a key ingredient in having healthy skin, it shouldn’t have to work alone. Our skin recovery essentials collectively deliver deep gentle impurity extraction, detoxifying wrinkle reduction, skin-quenching hydration and our miracle facial-in-a-pot rejuvenating mask.

Use our Bright + Light eye cream to help reduce puffiness and tell-tale dark circles this party season. This intelligent multi-tasking miracle elixir reduces puffiness and maintains moisture, helping reduce wrinkle depth for bright eyes.

Our Mask Supreme 7-In-1 is a powerful treatment in a pot that delivers nutrients to your skin, immediately and over time. Slap on a layer of this multi-tasking miracle mask and watch wrinkles and redness melt away, leaving hydrated skin which glows with rejuvenated radiance.

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