Oxidative Stress and Skincare

Oxidative stress – what is the science behind our cells? Cells accumulate damage, known to drive the aging process and play a role in our long-term health. One of​ ​​the major causes of cellular damage is oxidative stress, which happens when there’s an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are a normal, natural byproduct of our cells generating energy (which means even healthy habits like strenuous exercise can lead to more free radicals in the body). Left unattended, these reactive free radicals can lead to damage in the fats, proteins, and DNA that make up our cells.

Antioxidants—like vitamins A, C, and E—in our cells help stop the chain reaction of free radicals – when there are too many free radicals racing around and not enough antioxidants to get them to relax, oxidative stress occurs, and over time, that free radical damage can accelerate aging and disease.
We can’t completely stop oxidative stress from happening as we get older, but prevention is better than cure. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as limiting alcohol, quitting smoking, not overeating, and using nontoxic products on your body and around the house have all been linked to preventing and lowering oxidative stress.
A skincare routine is key for taking the time to get to know your face, skin and all the changes that age brings. Maintaining and cherishing the facial skin is part of embracing your unique face and features through-out all stages of life. The luxurious effects of the Luminous Light Polishing Powder with Pullulan Extract gently exfoliates and re-surfaces skin, whilst instantly tightening and stimulating collagen reproduction.