Diary of A Frustrated Epidermis

Laura G; Diary of a Frustrated Epidermis.

Dear Diary
I should start with my skin issues I think, so you have a background to my seemingly endless search for ‘acceptable’ skin. (I gave up years ago tying to obtain ‘Perfect Skin’, for me this is about as obtainable as looking sexy wearing Oven Gloves)
Are you sitting comfortably? Because I need you to understand what my poor Skin has to endure. Life for my skin is somewhat Chaotic.

When I was 12 years old I started getting spots. ‘Normal spots’ you know.., the ones that are few and far between, small straight forward little ones, the ones that nowadays, I would trade my Louboutins for. Cystic Acne started for me when I was 14. Huge, red, deep, aching, hurts when you smile type Acne. Cystic Acne is ruthless, leaving destruction in its path, and seemingly entirely incurable in my case. I have tried everything according to the Doctors, from Accutane to Green Peels, from Toothpaste to antibiotics, ALL the ranges available over the counter, if its out there for acne I have probably tried it. They didn’t work for me. And no matter how many tantrums I have about it, that doesn’t seem to work either.

Today, I’m 28 (*cough) and my poor skin looks like, …well, looks like a crumpet quite frankly. Pale and Scarred, dry and oily, bumpy and lumpy. I’m not depressed about it, (I have been reduced to tears on a handful of occasions in the past but 99.9% of the time its business as usual). I gave up fretting about it, its obvious I cant change it so I just forget and get on with it.

Today, I have an additional problem. Ageing. Huff. Well it happens to the best of us.  But for me, juggling Acne products and Anti Ageing formulas is like drinking Fresh Orange Juice just after you’ve brushed your teeth, have you ever done that? It is a recipe for disaster and just should not happen.  My Poor Skin goes in to melt down, product overload.

I have looked around for skin care that can do it all, but it seemed as though not a single soul had considered creating something where Anti Aging and Acne could be treated at the same time. Can it not be done Naturally, I have had enough of harsh chemicals in Acne treatment… (I swear that’s what caused my Ageing). I thought I must be thinking ahead of my time until I found an editorial in the Daily Mail beauty pages. There was a product claiming to offer Anti Ageing and Acne care, plus it was all Natural and Anti Oxidant. Even down to the packaging. Hopeful yet skeptically, I read on. ‘Antonia Burrell Cream Supreme‘ claimed to do it all. I had never heard of Antonia Burrell so I began my well practiced research into the Antonia Burrell and her products.

I’m not a Dermatologist, but I have read enough about skin over the years to know Antonia Burrell products seemed to be speaking my language, Sebum control teamed with beneficial Hydration, a very tricky mix, had someone actually achieved this?! I went to the website, and found it to be very informative with a classy ‘grown up’ edge to it. The prices are higher than I was used to paying for skin care, but really this was nothing compared to what I had spent in the past. Besides, I was excited, I think I may have found what I’ve been looking for. That, hand in hand with my compulsive nature, sealed the deal. I placed an order for Cream Supreme, but having read the info on the website, I ordered Forest Dew Skin Conditioner. Originally I was only interested in Forest Dew Skin Conditioner at the same time, in order to prime my face before the Cream Supreme went to work. I couldn’t wait. I was genuinely excited.

Typically for me, the Creme Supreme was out of stock (which made me want it even more). Not so typically however, Antonia Burrell called me. Yes. Actually Her, Herself. called me to say it was being made as she spoke and that it would be with me at her earliest opportunity. I was actually gob smacked. Just the kind of communication I like. My nerves were eased about spending a good amount of money on a product that I had never heard of. Now I really couldn’t wait.

As soon as my order arrived I chucked out ALL of my other face creams, moisturisers and serums and devoted the entire bathroom cabinet to Antonia Burrell. I must say the pots and bottles that the products are in, are beautiful. Could they even be sexy looking? Yes, black looking, but violet (recycled) glass has transformed my bathroom, lets hope it does the same for my skin!

The first step.
I applied the Forest Dew Skin Conditioner and without wanting to sound all Mills and Boon, instantly my skin felt like slipping into a cool pool on a hot day. Instant relief. Cool, refreshing and invigorating. Not tight and dry like my usual Toner. This was different, and I liked it. The next step was the Cream Supreme. My first thought was how thick the Cream Supreme is. Creams of this density always makes my skin flair up. I opened the pretty Glass Jar and I was literally struck by the AMAZING smell. What is that smell? I’m sure it smells like Christmas, almost like Cinnamon or Spices. Gingerly due to its density I applied a pea sized amount, expecting to spend hours rubbing it in. Again I was surprised at how my skin literally drank in the cream. Not oily, not sticky, no claustrophobic feeling, just calm. My skin felt settled. I know my skin very well, I know what makes it happy, and this was making it the happiest its been in years.

Week 1
During the first week of my using a new product, my skin always flairs up. Its just the way it goes. My skin hates change. Its like moving house, all exciting yet tinged with the inevitable headache of chaos.

I’m at the end of my first week using Antonia Burrell products and the predicted, ‘cancel all appointments flair’ up, just hasn’t happened. This is a break through (or not, so to speak). All is quiet on the flair up front. This means the cream is doing something already, that nothing has ever done before.
Then, in just the last two days I have noticed something else. Something I had forgotten I was even expecting,… my face looks younger. Really it does, because my partner of 10 years told me so, and he didn’t even know I was using it. This was my experiment, I hadn’t told him, not hinted in any way shape or form that I was doing something new, and he noticed that my ”features looked good”, that’s what he said. Interrogating him further, I managed to understand that by this, he meant my face looked ‘softer’, ‘almost fatter’ (his words, not mine but I appreciated what he meant.) My skin really did look plumper. It feels fuller too. My spots are actually healing up and my complexion looks slightly….well.. Radiant, (and I hate that word and have never used it to describe my skin). I must remind myself that this is only week one, nothing should work this fast and although we’ve got quite a way to go yet… its definitely working.

Today, with renewed confidence and childlike excitement, I called Antonia Burrell again, and have ordered the entire range. Already I’m hooked.Cream Supreme

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