Beating The Body Clock: Circadian Rhythm And Skin Health

The importance of the Circadian rhythm is well publicised in health news and the media, with various apps and wellness techniques designed to sync your internal system for optimum health. Circadian rhythms can also have a big impact on skin health. Anticipating what and when skin needs are crucial for maintaining complexion perfection, and it is something I absolutely recommend for maximising beautiful, vibrant and healthy skin.


What is Circadian rhythm?

The term Circadian rhythm refers to the various cycles of the 24-hour internal body clock which is in charge of our health, well-being and our skin – often linked to sleep with people’s general sleepiest times falling between 1 and 4am. The rhythms are controlled by the earth continually turning on its axis and the ongoing cycles of darkness and light. Think of the Circadian rhythm as your very own internal ‘clock’, which allows the body to follow a natural timekeeping pattern.

How does circadian rhythm affect the skin?

Your internal body clock is able to anticipate when skin will be under the most stress and when the body is at its most optimum for cells to regenerate and repair. Using your AB organic skincare favourites in conjunction with your circadian rhythm, intelligently works to ensure your skin is always at its healthiest and happiest.

Day to Night Skincare:

Morning – Ensure that skin is protected against free radicals and further damage with the Cream Supreme Facial Moisturiser. The 100% natural, anti-ageing moisturiser brightens, smoothes and improves the skin’s overall texture and tone. Larch Extract is a fantastic natural SPF booster which helps to absorb UV rays. Mango Seed has high levels of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E which all work harmoniously together to protect the skin throughout the day.

Afternoon – Afternoon skin can tend to feel a little dry or dehydrated, so it’s time to ensure hydration levels are replenished. Patting on a little of the Forest Dew Plump + Hydrate Beauty Water instantly refreshes the complexion and leaves you radiant.

Evening – Prepare skin for transformation whilst you sleep with the Biotech Suprême Pressed Serum. Your skin is able to absorb more nutrients at this time, which helps to maximise results for optimal hydration. The intelligent formulation contains lilac leaf stem cell technology, which rapidly increases the skin’s natural repair process so you wake up to luminous, morning-worthy skin.

Finally, the most crucial advice I can give is to put down those smart phones and tablets well in advance before you settle down to sleep. This is a time to wind down in order to prepare for restoration and relaxation – crucial for the skin, mind and body to re-charge and repair. The blue HEV light emitted from screens can send signals to your brain that you’re awake which can disrupt your natural rhythm so try switching to the night-shift mode on your iPhone and putting laptops away after 9pm – your skin will thank you.


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