Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidants: deliciously perfect for Autumn

It’s time to ramp up and kick-start transitional skin health from the inside, as the nights begin to draw in. These are just some of the essential foods, rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to fuel and stimulate parched, under-nourished, polluted and summer damaged skin against the fight from electron-scavenging free-radicals.

Reduce and prevent inflammation from cell damage. Inhibit and slow oxidation and cell breakdown. These are all found within these deliciously warming Autumnal foods…it’s just up to you to find the perfect recipe.

Sweet Potato: Tasty as chips, mash or just simply boiled with a twist of cracked pepper and Himalayan sea-salt, sweet potatoes are vibrantly orange, bursting with skin loving beta-carotene and vitamin C. They are also thought to promote natural production of hyaluronic acid, essential for soft, supply and plump skin.

Turmeric: This spice is well known as an anti-inflammatory wonder. Perfect added in just it’s natural state with hot water, lemon and honey, turmeric can help protect the epidermal skin cells from ultraviolet B radiation damage.

Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is not only rich in antioxidants but contain skin hydrating and blood circulating boosting flavanoids, to help improve skin’s ability to protect UV-induced skin damage issues like sun burns. Indulgent for both you and skin.

Cinnamon: If a spice could be a season…from Halloween through to Christmas, cinnamon is packed into some of the most favoured treats and drinks. A potent anti-inflammatory, cinnamon is shown to help control diabetes and boost heart and brain health.

Beetroot: Crisp, delicious, roasted beetroot…lip smackingly good! This purple pigmented plant gem is bursting with the anti-oxidant betalain and magnesium to regulate calcium absorption.

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