Causes of dehydration

What may contribute to dehydrated skin?

  • Environmental elements such as, dry climates, low humidity,  windy conditions or too much sun exposure will diminish the skin’s ability to hold moisture, causing the skin to shrivel and crack.
  • Being unwell and feeling stressed, sleep are also factors to bear in mind. Dare I say it, but you may want to consider the products you are using too.
  • Lifestyle habits such as smoking and lack of excercise/movement inhibit the body’s ability to to provide oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. Imagine suffocating your skin from the inside! What you eat will play a huge part too, espcecially if your diet is rich in sugar. Avoid soda and cut down on coffee and alcohol as these act as diuretics. A lack of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) or good fats can aslo contribute to itching, scaling and can lead to an imbalance in prostoglandin –  a hormone helps to ensure inflammation is reduced and repair is increased. Important right!

As a skin expert that formulates skin changing and skin perfecting  products, I understand the importance of deep hydration. So come with me on a journey which will explore one of the powerful bio-actives Fucose that helps to give your skin the deep and correct hydration level that it has been waiting for.

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