Sleep Debt

Sleep debt; fear not – you may not owe money but you may owe your body sleep. Think of sleep as a currency. Sleep debt is a term used if you accumulate lack of sleep below that needed seven to nine hours each night. Sleep restores the body by cleansing the brain of toxins with cerebrospinal fluid so lack of sleep can leave you feelingRead Now

Multi-Action Skincare for Mother’s Day

Skincare routines that are quick, effective and multi-tasking are the holy-grail of all hard-working women and men. Sometimes one has not the time to indulge on a myriad of daily rituals, and for Mother’s Day invest in Antonia Burrell skincare products that are efficient, powerful and holistically balanced to fit seamlessly into your life. Adaptive: Hard-working, multi-action formulas to tackle ageing and complexion concerns suchRead Now

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that occurs naturally in your body, responsible for attracting and retaining moisture, improving cell-to-cell interaction and promoting collagen synthesis. This glorious nutrient, which can prevent wrinkles and improve your skin’s texture has the ability to draw and hold water to the surface of the skin and can help to keep skin moisturised throughout the day. It’s no secret that whatRead Now

Oxidative Stress and Skincare

Oxidative stress – what is the science behind our cells? Cells accumulate damage, known to drive the aging process and play a role in our long-term health. One of​ ​​the major causes of cellular damage is oxidative stress, which happens when there’s an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are a normal, natural byproduct of our cells generating energy (whichRead Now

Stop Picking Spots… A How To

Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, pustules and acne…  squeezing or picking on skin will test the very best of our resolve to relieve or soothe that pesky blemish. If you’ve had acne or even the occasional spot at any point in your life then you probably know how tempting it is to go to town on your face. With each clogged pore or raised pimple comes theRead Now

Feeding The Skin – Skin Nutrition for Repair Against the Sun

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Summer skin: the heat-wave continues but did you know some UV rays can and do get through to the skin and cause damage, even if you wear a high SPF. Although sunscreen allows one to stay in the sun longer, but doesn’t stop rays from penetrating the lower layers of the skin where they create more free radicals that would have occurred without lathering on the cream. It is not only crucialRead Now

Hydrated Summer Skin: Focus On Squalene

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Hydrated skin is not only healthy skin, but younger and fresher looking, plump, luminous and happy skin. It has a smooth texture and appears soft and supple and is less likely to age prematurely. The sebaceous glands in your skin produce sebum; a wonderfully complex oily, acidic mixture of fatty acids, waxes, and other natural chemicals that form a natural barrier and one of its functions isRead Now

Acne and Wrinkles: How Vitamin A Tackles Both

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Acne and wrinkles are two inevitable fights many of us will experience at some point in our lives. Acne is often turbulent during puberty, and then stabilizes itself in the years to come. However, adult acne is fast becoming the leading skin complaint for over thirties due to hormones, what we consume, and how we take care of our skin. At the same time, ageingRead Now

Antioxidants: Why You Need Them On Your Face

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Antioxidants need to be infused into our daily skincare rituals and diets. Why? Antioxidants are powerful substances that have a harmonizing effect on our skin and overall wellness via a process that happens naturally in the body. Oxidation, a chemical reaction which takes place in our bodies daily, can be heightened by many factors including stress, pollution, UV rays, smoking, and alcohol. These agitations takeRead Now

Dark Skin Tones: How Darker Skin Differs From Other Skin Tones

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As a skincare expert with over 2 decades of experience, I’m often asked what, if any, differences there is between dark skin tones and white skin tones. I spent many years studying all types of skin in order to develop a capsule collection of skincare that delivers proven results to all skin tones  and all skin types. So, what are the differences? Dark skin tonesRead Now