What To Do When Suffering From Mask-Induced Acne

Face masks are now a part of our daily routine, and unequivocally slow the  spread of air-bourne viruses. However the friction of the fabric, combined with trapped warm humidity is increasing cases of acne mechanic leading to clogged pores, skin-barrier breakdown, cystic acne, blemishes, pigmentation and micro-abrasions. Not only does this friction lead to inflammation and irritation, but it could also break down the delicate skin barrier,Read Now

Multi-Action Skincare for Mother’s Day

Skincare routines that are quick, effective and multi-tasking are the holy-grail of all hard-working women and men. Sometimes one has not the time to indulge on a myriad of daily rituals, and for Mother’s Day invest in Antonia Burrell skincare products that are efficient, powerful and holistically balanced to fit seamlessly into your life. Adaptive: Hard-working, multi-action formulas to tackle ageing and complexion concerns suchRead Now

LIFT, CONTOUR & SCULPT for Christmas, Party season and beyond

Skin is an immensely complex organ but essentially, it has some basic needs. Firstly, skin needs to be thoroughly yet delicately cleansed, secondly, it needs to be both hydrated and nourished. During this winter season that are filled with festivities – gloriously late nights and delicious overindulgence, your skin is often the first to visibly take the toll, becoming prone to problematic, lack-lustre, stressed andRead Now

Focus on Delivering Skincare for Women of All Skin Types and Lifestyles

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A working woman on-the-go, celebrity, high-powered businesswoman, active teenager, enjoying retirement or a stay-at-home mum who’s busy with the kids, Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare is a pure, potent yet luxurious skincare formulations use clinically-proven plant bio actives for flawless, fresher-looking, trouble-free skin – whatever your skin type. Uniquely formulated, the skin-fixing, age-defying range targets both troublesome skin issues as well as common skincare concerns. FreeRead Now

Revealed: Behind The Brand with Antonia Burrell

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Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare: take a deeper, holistic look at the inspiration, which drove one of the UK’s best-loved skincare experts, Antonia Burrell, to craft a best-selling, global range of ethical, organic “pure-plant alchemy” that changes lives and skin for the better in just seven days. Happiness… “My clients inspired me to create skincare. The idea came to me as a direct result of talking toRead Now

This Is Our Journey: The Antonia Burrell Creation Story

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  Antonia Burrell skincare began when one of my long-standing facial clients came in to one of my clinics with her sister. This woman felt irritated and ugly. She felt ugly because she had serious skin problems. She didn’t look in the mirror anymore, she wasn’t intimate with her husband because she didn’t feel attractive and all that made her feel angry. That anger, irritationRead Now

Party Season: How to Maintain Complexion Perfection

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Party season, I mean, holiday season, is among us. Celebrating festive times with friends and family can be fun, but excessive late nights and partying can do numbers on our largest organ – skin. Why? Sleep deprivation and alcohol dehydrates skin. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it increases urination. It also hinders the production of vasopressin, the hormone that helps to absorb water. IncreasedRead Now

Senescence: The Art of Ageing

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Senescence is the gradual and unstoppable biological process of deterioration through aging at a cellular level. Selecting the right natural skincare products with proven results helps maintain a more youthful complexion during senescence, and can even reverse some of the damage already evident in the form of wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots and fine lines. My passion for inspiring happiness through skin confidence is at theRead Now

7 Top Skincare Tips For Complexion Perfection

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Keep it Simple! Keep your skincare routine simple. Don’t overload on products. And when you do add a new product, do it gradually so your skin has time to adjust. Each skincare or makeup product has an average of 20 to 40 ingredients so you are introducing 20 to 40 potential allergens to your face every time you try something new. Don’t overcomplicate things asRead Now

Oil – Precious Not Potent

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 With the radiant sun bursting into our lives it seems that everyone and everything has stepped out of hibernation and is full of the desire to look its beautiful best.  Clients who succumbed to the primal instinct to cocoon oneself during the dark winter months resurfaced all at the same time this week and each with the urgent need to enliven and brighten their skinRead Now